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  • 3 Ways Chicago Furniture Stores Can Give You Your Dream Apartment

    Chicago Furniture Store Apartment Decor

    When you’re living here it’s easy to forget that Chicago is the nation’s third largest city. Especially when you’re living in one of Chicago’s 200+ neighborhoods — each one has its own unique residents, shops and styles. But no matter which neighborhood you live in, it’s easy to decorate your apartment in a style that is inherently Chicagoan. Especially when you shop at Wrightwood Furniture Store. No matter what your taste is, you’ll be able to decorate your Chicago home the way you want to with help from Chicago furniture store Wrightwood Furniture. Check out some of our favorite pieces and decorating tips below for some inspiration for your dream Chicago apartment.

    DIY Vanity

    Dressing tables and vanities have a long history dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Extremely popular in the Victorian era, vanity sets are perfect for being able to have a seat while you primp in the morning. Over the last few years, vanities are starting to make a comeback. One of the main reasons is for lack of bathroom space, which is a common issue in Chicago.

    A vanity table gets all of your makeup, brushes, and nail polish out of the bathroom so you gain much more storage space for bathroom essentials. And one of the biggest advantages is that you never end up “hogging” the bathroom from your roommates or your significant other while you primp in the morning. The only downside is that traditional vanity tables can be pricey. But with a little help from Wrightwood, you can have your own on of a kind vanity for less! Simply pick out one of our numerous console tables and combine them with a mirror and a bench or stool

    Multifunctional Tables

    If you have an office or a dining room in Chicago consider yourself lucky. Most of us have to think of creative ways to combine our horizontal surfaces so they can function for many purposes. If you don’t have a room to use as an office, a common solution is to put a desk into your living room. However, sometimes that can become a little cramped and distracting if your housemate is trying to watch TV while you work from home.

    One great alternative is to combine your dining and office space. While this may seem unconventional at first, it can make sense for a lot of people. Most of us will only use our six seat dining room set every once and a while, so it’s fine to set up your “desk” on one end of it. And when you do have guests, simple move your monitor to a buffet or console table and turn on a fireplace screensaver during dinner.

    Eclectic Look of Your Own

    Chicago apartments come with their own sets of challenges that need to be met. A lack of space, staggered updates and varying materials can make the bones of our homes look odd or disjointed. But don’t fret! If you embrace the eclectic nature of your Chicago apartment with help from Wrightwood Furniture, you’re bound to have your dream home in no time!

  • 3 Ways an Industrial Furniture Store Can Give Your Home a Decidedly Chicago Look

    Think industrial furniture is just for commercial spaces? Think again! Especially here in Chicago, industrial pieces can be combined with all styles of furniture for a uniquely urban feel. Especially if you live in an industrial loft in Printer’s Row or an exposed-brick apartment in Edgewater.

    Just add one industrial side table for a great conversation piece. Or pick up an industrial console table, shelves, and TV stand for an edgy take on a traditional living room. Just because it’s industrial doesn’t mean it will feel cold or commercial! Check out some of our favorite industrial furniture pieces below for some ideas for your Chicago home!

    Industrial Distressed Consoles

    What can’t these handy tables be? Versatility is the name of our console tables. The smaller sized consoles are perfect fit for any room in your house. In the kitchen, use it for extra “counter” space and keep oversized pots on the bottom shelf. In your dining room, use it as a buffet to lay out your spread during your next dinner party.

    In the living room, use a console as a sofa table or keep your TV on it! And in your bedroom, pair one with a mirror and you’ll have a one of a kind vanity! There’s nothing these tables can’t be!

    For a truly industrial furniture look, keep an eye out for metal, rustic wood and large, bold bolts and other hardware. These will echo the look and feel found in those converted warehouse lofts that Chicagoans love so much.

    Industrial Cabinets and Storage Units

    Just because something is small doesn’t mean it isn’t tough. That’s the case with many of our cabinets. Perfect for any space where you need some storage and a little bit style, our cabinets can be your go-to option. If you need a side table for your living room, cabinets also make a great industrial option!

    Consider lipped sides and backs as great protectors from spilling drinks or knocking coasters into the crevice between the side table and the wall. Also cabinets often have enclosed storage that are great for storing things such as books and board games! If you’re in need of a nightstand, cabinets often make a great option. Most have enough room to place a small lamp, alarm clock and a coaster on top with some room to spare. And you can keep scarves, belts and other accessories in the lower storage areas.

    Wrightwood carries a variety of cabinets made with industrial metal and wood materials that are a great way to add extra storage to tight Chicago living spaces but also add the look and feel of the lockers, storage units and racks found in industrial spaces.

    Industrial Trollies

    Trollies are another way to bring an industrial look to your home — and they're some of the most flexible pieces of industrial furniture out there!

    Trollies come in a variety of sizes, including ones that are perfect for squeezing into tight Chicago homes. And, since they are on wheels, they can be easily moved to different parts of your apartment or house as your needs change. Most of Wrightwood's trollies also come with ample storage space in a variety of configurations, including bins, drawers or cabinets — all of which are great options for storing all your stuff.

    Those wheels also give these gorgeous pieces a decidedly industrial feel — since wheels are reminiscent of the gears found on heavy machinery or the mobile carts and equipment used to transport industrial supplies around old world Chicago factories or warehouses. 

    These flexible furniture pieces can come in handy in many, many situations. Add one to the kitchen to give yourself extra prep space. If you have room, a trolly can float in the middle of the kitchen to create an instant island. Or, consider trollies to hold your TV in the living room or bedroom — especially if you sometimes need to move your TV to get a better view (Super Bowl parties, anyone?). Trollies also look great when used as sideboards, consoles or sofa tables.

  • 3 great TV stands for any Chicago home or apartment, plus a great tip for when you're media stand furniture shopping

    Oh TVs. We love them for watching “Good Morning America,” streaming Netfilx movies, and playing video games, but when they are off they can be a total eyesore. Even though flat screen TVs are getting thinner and thinner each year, they are also getting bigger and bigger!

    And if you’re like most of us here in Chicago, you’re probably renting, so drilling giant holes in your walls to mount the TV on the wall isn’t always an option. But you do have options, especially if you’re shopping at your favorite Lakeview furniture store, Wrightwood Furniture. We’ve got TV stands, media stands, TV cabinets, console tables and entertainment centers galore in our 10,000 square foot store.

    Check out some of our favorite TV solutions below!

    Ludlow Media Stand, Washed Honey

    The days of bulky and unsightly TV cabinets are over. As TVs have scaled down in width and weight, so have TV stands. Take our Ludlow Media Stand for example. Its simple, low-profile silhouette makes this a perfect choice for any modern living space. Made from reclaimed railroad ties and crafted in a contemporary shape, the Ludlow allows you to store all of your entertainment necessities while also maintaining your keen eye for design. The two exposed shelves are great for DVRs, cable boxes, Blu-ray players or gaming consoles while the two drawers are perfect for housing your DVDs, games or extra controllers. And since this beauty combines the best of antique and modern, it will go with almost any style of décor.

    Indo Cabriole Console

    Although we have a wide variety of media cabinets and TV stands, sometimes you need something a little less conventional. When you are really low on space, our Indo Cabriole Console table is the perfect solution. Because it’s higher off the ground, it’s able to navigate over particularly tricky design challenges. For example, if you have a short radiator that’s eating up precious wall space, the Indo can slide right over it. The two small drawers are great for keeping small DVD player remotes, extra batteries, or even a deck of cards for when you’re sick of watching TV. And since it comes in a plethora of lovely colors,  you’ll be able to match one to your décor no matter what your current color scheme is.

    Phoebe Industrial Cabinet, Gray

    Created by hand by skilled metal artisans, this unit's sturdy metal construction is a great foundation for your TV equipment. Boasting two latchable glass doors that swing outward to reveal two deep shelves to store your DVDs, cable box, stereo equipment and more. The two doors are accented with metal rivets to give the piece a great industrial feel. 

    Bonus: Many more options!

    We've also got tons of other options that, while might not be labeled as a TV stand, would still be a great option (who says you have to color in the lines?). Check out the rest of our site for inspiration — some great starting points are our coffee table collection (the Clarendon Industrial Coffee Table comes to mind), a nice console table or sideboard (perhaps this metal one) or even one of our sturdy benches (such as this antique wood piece).

    You'll want to make sure whatever furniture you pick out is sturdy enough to hold your TV — especially if you have one of those HUGE screens everyone's jealous of (you know who you are!). Our experienced showroom team can help guide your decision making. We also offer an on-site carpentry service and can add holes for wires and cables to most pieces for no extra fee.

    Our Chicago furniture store has possibly one of the largest selections of handcrafted TV tables, consoles, stands and cabinets in the area. And with a large variety of sizes, colors, and styles, you’re sure to find a solution for your TV and media storage for any living situation. Stop by our Chicago furniture store or visit us online to find your next TV stand!

  • 229,960 reasons for making your Chicago bedroom furniture awesome

    It’s estimated that the average person will sleep for around 229,960 hours in their lifetime — that’s about one third of their life.

    More than likely, you’ll be spending the majority of that sleeping time in you own bedroom. So since you’ll be spending a third of your life in your bed, why not make your bedroom your favorite room in your house?

    And at your favorite Chicago furniture store (Wrightwood Furniture of course), we have all the bedroom furniture you need to make your sleeping space enviable! Read on to see three of our favorite bedroom furniture pieces.

    Batam Accent Table, Cloud White

    Bedrooms can start feeling really cramped extremely quickly, especially if you’re living in a Chicago apartment. When it comes to bedroom furniture, there are a lot of necessities. The bed by itself takes up the majority of the room, and then you need a dresser, two nightstands, and sometimes a TV stand. Well, with our Batam Accent Table, you don’t have to sacrifice storage or style to be space efficient. At just 18 inches wide by 16 inches deep, this tiny table has just the right amount of table space for your alarm clock and a small lamp. It also has two drawers, which are the perfect size to keep a few books or other nighttime necessities. And even though it’s small on size, it’s big on charm. Its Bobbin-inspired legs will bring a stylish flair to any bedroom.

    Tall Chest, Antique Dark Natural

    The bedroom is arguably the most storage necessary room in any home. It’s home to all of your clothes, shoes, sheets, and accessories so you have to have some furniture to store it all. Our favorite bedroom furniture storage solution? Our Tall Chest from our Amazing India collection! It comes in 4 beautiful finishes, Antique Dark Natural, Lime Wash, Red Distress, and White with Grey Distress so it will go with any bedroom décor. Its 6 spacious drawers are perfect for sorting and storing all of your folded clothes.

    Mera Mirror, Light Mahogany

    You can never go wrong with a mirror. Especially when it’s our Mera Mirror! Perfect for a bedroom, this medium/large mirror is great for putting on makeup, doing your hair, or putting on jewelry. Place it by your closet or even on the closet door to make any sleeping space appear bigger. Or incorporate it into a gallery wall above your bed for a dramatic look. For a more quirky idea, try hanging this right above one of our console tables (like our Indo Cabriole Console or our Asmara Table) for a DIY fresh take on a traditional vanity!

    Because we strive to be your go-to Chicago furniture store, we always have great bedroom furniture in stock. Why not check it out yourself online or at our Lakeview furniture store? You’re sure to find the perfect piece for your bedroom!

  • Our favorite offbeat living room furniture pieces for your Chicago home or apartment

    There’s a reason they call your living room a living room. It’s because most of us spend most of our precious time at home there. There’s nothing better then getting home after a long day at work and getting cozy on your couch while you sip some tea and read a book or catch up on some TV.

    But whether you call it your living room, great room, or family room, it’s important that you love how it looks. And at your favorite Chicago furniture store, Wrightwood Furniture, we have tons of great pieces that will liven up any living room. From sofa tables, chairs, coffee tables, consoles, and end tables, we’ve got everything you need to make your favorite space even better. Check out some of our favorite living room furniture pieces below!

    Atlas Bench, Walnut

    Benches are highly versatile, especially as living room furniture. And besides being functional, the Atlas Bench is also extremely stylish. Combining a mid-century modern aestheticism with the rustic character of its wooden, live-edge seat, the Atlas brings together the best of minimalist and natural design. Because it comes in 4 lovely finishes, Natural, Mahogany, Espresso, and Walnut, it is sure to fit in with almost any style of décor. In your living room, use it for seating during a get-together and storage whenever else. But don’t stop there! This wonderful piece will also work great in your dining room mixed with your current table and chairs. And in your bedroom, put it at the foot of your bed for a great place to slip on your shoes in the morning.

    Industrial Iron Cabinet, Grey

    Perfect for the regular entertainer, but also for the avid collector; this cabinet is a dream come true. Made in Jodhpur, India, our Industrial Iron Cabinet is truly a unique piece of living room furniture. Constructed in durable light grey iron, this 4 shelved beauty is perfect for any of your living room storage needs. It makes a wonderful bar! Simply keep all of your beautiful stemware behind the glass door and place your beverages on the lower shelf. Or if you have a wonderful collection of antique dishes or figurines, they’ll look great in this cabinet.

    Iron Mesh Cubby Rack, Acid Finish

    Something you can never have too much of in a living room is storage. Our Iron Mesh Cubby Rack is the perfect solution. Because it’s made of iron mesh it’s strong but it doesn’t eat up too much visual space. It’s also skinny and tall, which helps it fit into your Chicago apartment’s small nooks and crannies. Use it as a simple shelving unit to house books, movies, and picture frames. Alternatively, you can use baskets to turn this Cubby Rack into a chest of drawers!

    No matter how big or small or what you use it for, you living room is the heart of your home. And at Wrightwood, we’re dedicated to helping you make your home perfect for you. Stop by our Lakeview, Chicago furniture store or shop online to get your new favorite living room piece today!

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