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Chicago Coffee Tables 101: Not Just a Cup Holder

Coffee Tables

Sure, there’s a reason they’re called coffee tables. In Chicago (or wherever you live), there’s nothing greater than waking up on a Saturday morning, making—or buying, ahem—a cup of joe and relaxing on the sofa as you flip through your favorite magazine or paper. But that big table situated right next to the sofa is so much more than a surface to stack your glossies or resting place for your morning mug. They may be super functional, but coffee tables have also become essential design elements to add that stylish final touch to your living room.

While they may just seem like four legs and a slab of wood to some, we design junkies know that coffee tables are so much more. In fact, there’s a rulebook to selecting the perfect one. It’s time for Coffee Table 101.

1.     Last But Not Least
Coffee tables can seem really straightforward, so you may just want to buy the first table you find. Halt! You’re doing it all wrong. Selecting your Chicago coffee table should be one of the very last design decisions you make when decorating a space. While they’re certainly beautiful pieces, you need to make sure that the table will actually fit in your living room. So choose your sofa, love set and accents chairs, decide on the perfect arrangement, and THEN start shopping. Remember: your soon-to-be coffee table needs to fill the space without looking cluttered. 

2.     Height Matters
Have you ever gone to set your mug down on the coffee table without taking your eyes off of the paper and ended up with a giant mess? It’s most likely because your coffee table is too low for your couch, and you ended up dropping your coffee before you could find the surface. The number one rule to live by: a coffee table shouldn’t be more than 1 to 2 inches lower than the seat of your couch. Think between 16 and 18 inches for standard sofas, or 20 to 21 inches high for those of you who like a little lift on your couch.   

3.     Function is Key
This one’s easy. Just be sure to decide how you want to use your coffee table before purchasing. Need storage? Go with a trunk. A little extra seating for family gatherings? Perhaps an upholstered bench is what you need. 

4.     Odd One Out
Scale is key when it comes to coffee tables. You don’t want a dainty, fragile table to be surrounded by big, overstuffed comfy couches. The room would be off balance, and the coffee table you absolutely adored in the store will get lost in a sea of sofas.

Looking for coffee tables in Chicago? Luckily, Wrightwood furniture store has a vast selection of tables, trunks, and benches (oh my) that not only match your unique furniture and design aesthetic, but they’ll feel right at home in your living room.

For a small living room, choose a few solid teak stools to group together as a coffee table. The Singar Square V Stool in honey would be perfect bunched together to make a one-of-a-kind coffee table, used as accent side tables, or to use as additional seating for game nights, casual get-togethers or holiday parties with the fam.

Chicago townhomes are notoriously known for their not-quite-as-wide-as-you’d-like living spaces. For these signature narrow rooms, opt for a bench like our Bench with Wood Legs in cream. They offer just enough space for your mug, the remote and most importantly, your feet after a long week.

Need storage? (This is rhetorical; of course we all need more storage). Consider the Wooden Trunk in light wood. This handcrafted wooden piece is functional, but with unique detailed carvings, it’s also a beautiful piece that will surely add a pop of visual interest to your space.

For those of you looking for a statement piece that will draw the eye — and envy — of your guests, the Small Opium Coffee Table in red is sure to do the trick. It’s slightly smaller size is ideal for quaint apartment living rooms, and the bold color will put the life back into your space.

Time to start shopping! You probably have a couple of coffee table ideas already brewing in your mind, but always remember size, shape, scale and functionality. Oh, and style. Do not forget style. After all, it’s what makes your coffee table special. Come explore the furniture at our Lakeview Chicago location, and we guarantee you’ll find the perfect coffee table for your Chicago digs.