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The Chicago Furniture Conundrum: Big City, Small Kitchens

Small Kitchen Furniture

Finding unique furniture for your Chicago place that meets your massive storage needs without looking too overcrowded seems like a figment of the imagination for most Windy City dwellers. Is adding storage without sacrificing space even possible? Of course it is… thanks to Wrightwood.

Sure kitchens should be practical, but that doesn’t mean they have to skimp on style. Storage solutions that don’t totally clash with your signature design aesthetic DO exist, we promise. No matter your conundrum — more storage, much-needed cooking prep space, or all of the above — Wrightwood Furniture is the solution.  

Practical doesn’t have to mean ugly.
Counter space is what dreams are made of when you live in bustling city, especially in this day and age when cappuccino machines and top-of-the-line juicers are kitchen must-haves. Cue the drumroll because the Butcher Block Island in rustic grey is exactly what you need.

Butcher Block Island in Rustic Grey

With a combination of durability and fine design, this table provides extra prep space for dinner parties, more counter area for your foodie gadgets, and storage for cookbooks, magazines and kitchen tools galore.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
We all have those knick-knacks, china, and antiques glassware we wish we could put on display. The only problem: we don’t want EVERYTHING on display. The French Buffet and Hutch in vintage white is for the homeowner with a bit more space, but still needs storage.

French Buffet and Hutch in Vintage White

This hutch has tons of space on the top to show off all of your treasured antiques or vintage cookbooks, plus two big cabinets on the bottom to hide those pots and pans that have seen better days.  Oh, and its Parisian style definitely won’t disappoint in the design department.

Cramped space? Don’t let it cramp your style.
City living isn’t exactly conducive to having space for everything (or anything… let’s be real). A few shelves here and there may seem like nothing to suburbanites, but we city dwellers appreciate any extra surface area we can get! The Factory 3 Shelf Table has space for display and it’s on wheels.

The Factory 3 Shelf Table

We know — it’s a total lifesaver. Use it as a rustic bar cart, or as a place to stack your recipe books or show off a vase of freshly picked blooms.

Next time you’re browsing a Chicago furniture store for kitchen storage solutions, just remember — you don’t have to sacrifice style. So whether you need a bar, a buffet, an island, or all three for your Lakeview pad, keep Wrightwood Furniture store in mind.