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Chicago Furniture Finds: Accent Your Personal Style

Accent Pieces

Strolling through your favorite Chicago furniture store on a Saturday afternoon, you spot it. It’s what you’ve been searching for since moving to your brand new pad. Finally, you found the perfect accent piece to pull together your (admittedly) bare and bland space.

Come on, it happens to the best of us. You’re so excited to move into your new Chi-town digs that you completely forget about the things that transform your sparse apartment into a coziest of homes, complete with your own personal touch of style. Finding those perfect pieces can result in endless hours of scouring furniture store after furniture store, and nothing screams design disaster like a tired, hungry, frustrated shopping zombie. No sweat, though, because Wrightwood Furniture is stocked with home accessories perfect for any design taste. So wipe out the shopping zombie epidemic with these one-of-a-kind finds available right at your fingertips.

1.     For the modern momma
Kids are super fun and oh-so-adorable, but let’s be real, they can be a pain in the you know what when you’re trying to make dinner, fix them a snack, or whip up a last minute batch of cookies for the bake sale. The Industrial Counter Stools are the perfect solution for the kids and your craving for a pop of color.

Industrial Counter Stool, YellowIndustrial Counter Stool, Silver

Available in blue, red, yellow, and a super-sleek nickel finish, these stools will definitely bring your kitchen to life… even when the kiddos aren’t there to stir up trouble.

2.     For the boho couch bum
Nothing quite beats the feeling of settling into your comfy sofa with the TV remote in one hand and a bowl of popcorn (or ice cream, ahem) after a long day of work. Our Tie-Dye Velvet Pillows are the perfect way to snuggle in style.

Tie-Dye Velvet Pillows

These eye-catching throw pillows are totally boho-chic, plus they’re incredibly soft. Just try to keep your eyes open when you’re catching up on your favorite shows.  

3.     For the rustic collector
Sure, there are some folks that have a tendency to over design, but when done tastefully, one-of-a-kind accessories simply cannot be beat. Wrightwood’s Railroad Tie Sculpture is the coolest —and easiest— way to add a ton of character to your space, while also reflecting your natural, earthy aesthetic.

Railroad Tie Sculpture

Your guests WILL ask about it. Trust us.

4.     For the classic decorator
Sometimes a room needs a touch of elegance. With an antiqued silver finish and classic, simple design, the Candlestick Table Lamp is the perfect solution to amp up your style.

Candlestick Table Lamp

They’re traditional with a touch of contemporary, just like your dream design scheme. Come on, your end tables are begging to be topped with these beauties!

Whether you’re searching for the ultimate coffee tables, console table, living room accessories or must-have accent pieces for your Chicago digs, Wrightwood Furniture has just what you need. Stop in soon to check out our collection of one-of-a-kind finds. You’re sure to find that one thing you’ve been searching for — or two things….or everything!