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Chicago Furniture Collections: Recycled Aluminum Tables

Recycled Aluminum Tables

We all come down with a case of the decorating woes from time to time. How can you fit furniture into your Chicago pad without looking overcrowded, overstuffed, and just all around overdone? Living in Chi-Town comes with all of the perks — food, fun, nightlife, and neighborhoods to explore, but the bustling city also comes with its fair share of designing difficulties, as we all well know.

The Recycled Aluminum collection at Wrightwood Furniture in Lakeview Chicago offers a variety of amazing one-of-a-kind finds for all rooms in your home…and at a price point that will surely make your wallet smile. So add some Indian spice to a few rooms in your home. These simply stunning pieces from the collection will bring flair to our space without adding to the bulk. Less is more, people. Less is more.

Trend-tastic: @ table
End tables are necessary additions to any living room, but they have a reputation of being, well, pretty boring. Cookie-cutter designs be gone!

@ Table

The @ table is super fun, current, and definitely makes a statement. This table from the Recycled Aluminum Table collection will bring function, and style to your seating area without adding unnecessary bulk. The aluminum finish is modern, and it is practically begging to be topped with some of your favorite magazines, a stylish lamp, and a candle or two.

Antique with a twist: Aluminum Fretwork Round Accent Table
What else is there to say about this piece except, perfect? This stunner from the shipment would be the perfect surface for a cocktail and a tray of seasonal hors d’oeuvres (for those outdoor summer soirees you’ve been planning since the Polar Vortex).

Aluminum Round Accent Table

It has the same mix of traditional and modern you want in every room of your house, including your outdoor spaces. How do we know? Because every homeowner craves that unique combo. This craving will surely fulfill that craving, and help with the craving for some summer night star gazing as well.

Simple and sleek: Cast Aluminum Pedestal Table
There’s nothing we love more at Wrightwood than something portable. They’re easy, functional, stylish, and just all-around perfect. These picks from the Recycled Aluminum Table collection are super modern, sleek and so practical.

Cast Aluminum Pedestal Table

The best thing about these tables is that they come in three different heights, perfect for traveling anywhere with you around the house. Looking to kick your feet up in front of the telly for a bit? Throw this table in front of the sofa, set down your coffee and relax for a while. Need a few extra places to drinks for outdoor summer get togethers? Bring these tables out to the patio and transform the space a stylish extension of your home. There’s really nothing you can’t do with these tables. Can you see why we’re obsessed yet?

The Recycled Aluminum Table Shipment at Wrightwood Furniture in the Lakeview area of Chicago is simply stunning. With pieces for all rooms in your house that add a pop of visual interest without adding the dreaded bulk of heavy furniture, this shipment has got it going on. What’s it? All of your design dreams.