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Chicago Office Furniture: Spruce Up Your “Self” Space

Furniture for your "Self" Space

A home office is a sacred space in Chicago, and finding furniture for your place of business can be quite the task. It can’t be too comfortable, because you would never get any of your work done. But at the same time, who wants a barren, cold workspace? The key to a great home office is finding a balance between the two: a comfortable space that will let your creativity flow, but a professional and studious feel that will help you get all of your work done in style.

Wrightwood Furniture in Lakeview Chicago has all of your home office needs and wants, from bookcases to suit your signature style, to sophisticated desks, to fun accessories to bring life into a typically boring space.

Family friendly: Batavia Bookcase, Light Mahogany
Not all home offices can be sanctuaries away from the chaos of a rowdy house full of kids.

Batavia Bookcase, Light Mahogany

Sometimes, we have to sacrifice a quiet space to share with the family, so add this cozy bookcase to your home office to store all of the kiddos’ books, toys, and the things they’ve collected along the way. Sure you let them use your computer from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you want all of their stuff on your desk when it’s time to work. This bookcase is both stylish and functional, and it’s the perfect solution to a shared space.

Sophisticate: French Desk, Wood Finish
Some of us prefer a traditional feel to our home offices.

Sophisticate: French Table, Natural Finish

If nothing can get you in the mood for work quite like a traditional feel reminiscent of your old study days at the college library, go for the French Desk. Working at this desk will make you feel oh-so-sophisticated, and who isn’t more productive when they feel awesome?

Modernist: Minimal Pipe Industrial Bookcase, Black or Antique Zinc
This bookcase is for the decorator with a more modern take on design. The four shelves willhold all of your office must-haves, and the industrial look surely does not skimp on style.

Pipe Industrial Bookcase, Black or Antique ZincPipe Industrial Bookcase, Black or Antique Zinc

Display all of your old books, pictures, or fun office supplies if you’re looking to add style to your space, or simply use the bookshelf to store files. This piece is the perfect combination of function and design, so why not take advantage of it?

Wild card: Iron Industrial Dining Chairs, Blue
Office spaces can be bland (we all know that), and no one does their best work when they’re bored out of their mind with their surroundings.

Iron Industrial Chair

This blue chair will do just the trick and add a bright pop of color to your home office. Make it more comfortable with a throw pillow or blanket and voila! You have a whole new vibe in your home office that will surely get those creative juices flowing!

Home offices can be hard to come by in Chicago, where furniture must be limited to fit a city-living lifestyle. With these unique furniture solutions from Wrightwood, though, your study, work, or getaway space can be just as stylish as it is practical. And that’s what a home office is all about.