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Chicago Furniture: How To Light It Up

The Perfect Lamp

You know those pictures in magazines of chic Chicago homes? The furniture looks spotless, fresh and brand spanking new. The homeowners may have hired a cleaning crew of two hundred to spruce the place up before the shoot (obviously, we would too!), but trust us; it’s the lighting that really does the trick.

In the summer months, it’s all about natural lighting, but when your soirees party on into the wee hours of the night, you’re bound to need some lighting, right? Here are some tips and tricks we swear by at Wrightwood.

Tip #1 – The dimmer the better.
Dim lighting not only reduces energy (talking to you, greenies), but it sheds a flattering light on pretty much anyone or anything. Bright lighting is great for a bathroom or vanity but can come off as sterile and uninviting in a living space. So cozy up, dim those lights, and get to relaxing!

Tip #2 – All about the mix.
Living rooms are one of the only spaces in your pad in which the lighting also acts as décor. Overhead lighting just won’t cut it in this room, so lamps are utterly essential.

Nickle Table Lamp

Not just any lamps, though, but lighting fixtures that will add style to your space without detracting from the overall design. Simplicity is key, so go for a few clean table lamps like the Nickel Table Lamp.

Tip #3 – Swap it out.
The best part about lamps? Versatility. All you have to do is swap out your old shade for a new shape or colorand just like that, you’ve got a whole new look to your Chicago living room furniture.

Antiqued Wooden Table Lamp

We see the Antiqued Wooden Table Lamp with a cool chevron topper for an updated summer look and a pop of bold pattern in your pad. Or keep the white lampshade for that breezy, seaside summer feel that will make your Chicago loft seem like a vaca spot away from the city. And who doesn’t love a stay-cation?   

Chicago summers are all about the outdoor parties, but eventually you’ll have to move inside (if it’s a real rager). Follow these tips from Wrightwood Furniture — your Chicago design go-to — so you’ll know how to set the mood and create an ambiance that will keep the party going all night long. So lighten up…and snatch these lamps before your first fête of the season.