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Versatile Aluminum Furniture, Chicago Style

Aluminum Furniture

Versatility is a definite must-have in Chicago furniture, because — as we all know — space can be pretty tight. Imagine an end table that doubles at as a stool. Stylish seating for guests AND a functional addition to your space? Yeah, we thought you’d love it.

Wrightwood’s collection of aluminum end tables will give you just that…stylish versatility perfect for summer parties with the whole fam or all of your out-of-town pals. These picks offer extra seating, a place to serve, a stylish end table for everyday use, or anything you need, really! You won’t need all of them, but you’ll definitely want them.  

Serving platter or table? Both please!
A stylish end table that can also be moved outside for your summer barbecues is sort of a necessity.


Aluminum Tray on Stand End Table

The Aluminum Tray on Stand End Table features an intricately designed aluminum tray top — perfect for serving drinks at your evening soiree — and a foldable stand that allows for easy mobility, no matter where the party takes you throughout the night. Our advice: put this one at the top of your must-have list.

Versatility at its finest.
Also perfect for all of your hosting needs, an end table that doubles as extra seating!

Cast Aluminum Cabriole Stool

The Cast Aluminum Cabriole Stool has loads of character and charm and can add a beautiful pop of shine to your living space every day. The design of this three-legged stool is perfect for guests, though, because the back features a bit of support. No more uncomfortable shifting and sore backs disrupting the fun!

The perfect addition.
Contemporary and elegant can seem like two adjectives that are simply incompatible.

Round Three Legged Aluminum Table

But the gleaming aluminum of the Round Three Legged Aluminum Table combined with the classically curved shape is just that — contemporary elegance. Place this stunner on either side of your couch for a cohesive look, or set it next to a corner armchair for fun design surprise. Either way, you’ll catch yourself admiring this find.  

Okay, so maybe you will NEED all of these picks. Homes in Chicago are all about versatility, because space can be pretty tight. These picks are perfect for everyday style and functional for all of your hosting gigs. Your guests will be impressed, but shhh, keep this one your little secret!