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Chicago Entryway Furniture: Solutions for Any Sized Space

Solutions for any Sized Space

Design challenges can be fun, right? Unfortunately, designing with furniture in a Chicago home comes with its more-than-fair share of challenges…can you say “limited space for guests?” Your entryway is an essential room in your home for impeccable design. Not only is it the room that introduces guests into your home, but it also needs to have TONS of storage for everyone’s odds and ends.

Like every other space in your home, both style and function are key in an entryway. Lakeview Chicago's Wrightwood Furniture has a variety of options no matter how big (ahem, or small) your mudroom may be. Remember not to overcrowd the space, though, because you’ll need it for all of your fabulous guests…

Spacious Foyer
First of all, you lucky duck, how did you score digs with a spacious foyer in the city? (Please let us know). Second of all, when an entryway is large enough for congregation, unfortunately, guests tend to mingle there, no matter how hard you try to herd them inside. Luckily, the Entryway Bench in Dark Natural with Whitewash doubles as a bench to sit and chat and as a place for guests to store their shoes.

Entryway Bench in Dark Natural with Whitewash

Finish off the bench with some fun, patterned throw pillows for comfort and style, and you have yourself the perfect addition to your entryway.  

Simple Entryway
A spacious foyer is hard to come by, so let’s be realistic. Most Chi-Town dwellers don’t have room for storage, let alone a bench, by their front door. This space shouldn’t be neglected if you want a cohesive design aesthetic throughout your whole home, though. The solution?

Ruji Mirror in Mahogany

Hang a unique, eye-catching mirror like the Ruji Mirror in Mahogany to show off your eye for design and make the entryway look a tad bit bigger.

Much-Needed Storage
So what if your entryway is not too big, or not too small, but just big enough to be a functioning space in your home? Skip the bench — the space isn’t big enough for mingling, and you need the wall space for storage. Go for a cabinet, perhaps. The Exposed Wood and Glass Cabinet offers tons of storage for your guests’ handbags, hats, shoes, umbrellas, or whatever odds and ends they may bring.

Exposed Wood and Glass Cabinet

Clutter be gone!

Chicago homes come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s important to keep a design flow no matter how spacious — or not-so-spacious — your place may be. Luckily, entryway furniture also comes in a ton of varieties, perfect for any foyer, mudroom, or hallway. Just remember to keep sizing consistent — if your space is big, go with a bigger piece that won’t look overwhelmed or make the space seem empty. To the contrary, if you could use a bit more space, opt for smaller pieces that won’t take up floor area and will create the illusion of more space, like a mirror! Whatever you choose, the Wrightwood team will always be there to help. They’re Chicago's unique furniture experts here.