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Chicago End Table Styles: Fashionable Furniture with Function

Fashionable Furniture with Function

What’s better than coming home after a long day of work in Chicago, your furniture awaiting you to kick back and turn on the tellie for a relaxing night of, well, nothing? This is a trick question, because there is absolutely no better feeling in the world. All you need is your favorite show, a bowl of popcorn, a big comfy sofa, and a place to set your drink. Enter side tables! They may not seem like the most exciting pieces a room has to offer, but they serve a necessary living room furniture or bedroom furniture purpose, and every homeowner has to have them. So skip the blah, bland, and everyday tables that fade into the background of your space, and opt for tables that can hold their own.

At Wrightwood Furniture, in Chicago’s vibrant Lakeview neighborhood, any city dweller can find a set of end tables that not only reflects their personal design tastes, but also works seamlessly well with the rest of the furniture in their digs. Earthy or industrial, modern or classic, you’ll find the perfect end tables to not only hold your drinks, but also create a cohesive design aesthetic in your home.

Modern gone rustic
Combining a rugged recycled wood tabletop and metal legs (with wheels!), the Reclaimed Wood End Table would be perfect in a modern loft with a cozy-contemporary feel.

Reclaimed Wood End Table


Just imagine it settled next to your big comfy cream couch and topped with a funky lamp...so chic! Plus, it’s on wheels, so it’s prefect for those nights when you just can’t seem to sit up to take a sip.  

Hippie-dippie digs
With characteristic wood knots running throughout the Teak Box Stump in honey or whitewash , there’s no way anyone else will have the same piece.

Teak Cube Stool

This one may be a little bit too small to function as an end table, but it’s the perfect height to use as a place to set your wine glass and popcorn while you lounge on the couch and flip through your must-watch shows.

Teak Box Stump

Plus, it’s made from the root wood of a teak tree, so it has an earthy vibe that would look great juxtaposed with softer pieces, like a comfy couch or soft area rug.  

Simply classic  
Making a statement isn’t always about being bold. Understated elegance can say a lot about your design sensibility without completely overpowering your space.

Raffles Accent Table

The Raffles Accent Table combines intricate detailing with a glossy finish that is sure to add a touch of classic elegance to your space without distracting from your focal piece, whether it’s a fireplace or your favorite piece of art. This table is the perfect solution to integrating functionality into a stylish room.

So, now all that’s left to do is to decide your personal design taste. Luckily for you, the experts at Wrightwood are eager to help you design your space flawlessly. The best thing about these end tables? They great design pieces and they won't break the bank. Who says you can't find discount furniture in Chicago that looks great? These are just a few of the end table options they have in store — yep, there are a ton more. So whole end tables may not seem like the most exciting pieces to bring some life into your space, they’re definitely a necessity. After all, where else are you going to set the remote and your glass of wine while you doze off?