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Chicago Bedroom Conundrum: More Storage Please!

Storage Furniture

No matter how big (or small, sigh) your Chicago bedroom may be, furniture just seems to completely take over the space. Your closet will never be big enough, and your drawers never deep enough, and there are only two possible solutions.

1. Throw away everything you don’t use. (As if).

2. Add more storage. (Which means more furniture, unfortunately).

Ok, so your inner hoarder simply won’t let you completely give up all of your belongings, so if you’re going to add more furniture to the space, it might as well look good. These storage chests from Wrightwood come in all sizes, perfect for any of your storage needs. Plus, they’re pretty stylish if you ask us.

French Chest with Hutch
Still looking for more storage for all of the baby clothes that have somehow accumulated over the past year? You definitely can’t throw those away...what if baby #2 is just around the corner?

French Chest with Hutch

The French Chest with Hutch in a beautiful taupey pink color will add more storage for all of the onesies your little one has grown out of, and all of the pretty dresses she’s quickly grown into. Now we just hope the next one’s a girl too. Hello, hand-me-downs!  

Marceilles Three Drawer Chest
It’s not just the baby who seems to grow out of their clothes in the blink of an eye, some of us adults just grow out of love with our clothing. What’s that? We should just donate the clothes we no longer wear? But as soon as we do that, we’ll NEED to wear the cream silk blouse that has been hidden in the depths of our closets for years.

Marceilles Three Drawer Chest

The Marceilles Three Drawer Chest in a distressed, light grey color is a stylish solution to your storage problems. The rustic look and beautiful, intricate carvings will be the new focal piece of your bedroom. Plus, the three drawers will surely fit all of the acid wash jeans, college sweatshirts, and souvenir tees that you might (probably won’t) need in the future.

Tabletop Storage Chest
It’s not just closet space that all Chicagoans crave...surface space is also a necessity. The Tabletop Storage Chest in a distressed blue color will add more storage to the tops of your dresser or vanity without taking up valuable surface area.

Tabletop Storage Chest

The five drawers are just big enough to store all of your favorite jewelry, small accessories, or office supplies if your bedroom doubles as an at-home office.

Sure Chicago living comes with its downsides. (i.e. There’s never enough space for all of the unique furniture you need). But look on the bright side, Wrightwood will always be just around the corner with stylish storage solutions for your bedroom in our Lakeview Chicago furniture store. Plus, it’s summer… who’s sitting inside anyways?