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Chicago Furniture How-To: Update Your New Place in a Flash

Update Your Place In A Flash

So you’ve just moved into your new home in Chicago, and your old furniture is...well, lacking, to put it nicely. The coffee tables, sofas, end tables, and dining room furniture from your old place simply won’t do anymore, but you just bought a new place...yikes! For now, it might be more practical to hang on to your well-loved furniture and simply invest in a few eye-catching pieces to give your digs a fresh update and make your new house a home!  

We suggest a versatile patterned bench. A cushioned bench can not only act as a place to kick up your tired feet after a long day of moving, but also as a coffee table for a narrow room, a decorative piece for the end of your bed, or a unique addition to your entryway. Two of our favorites at Wrightwood are the tribal-printed Kilim benches from our Art of Kilim shipment. Trust us, you’ll want one (or two, we know we do!) of each.

Cozy and Modern
For the neutral room that could use a pop of color. Your space (living room furniture in Chicago, foyer, bedroom, all rooms) errs on the side of beige, but it’s that way for a reason! Not every homeowner likes to be adventurous with bold color and crazy patterns… homes are meant to be cozy, after all. The Bench with Dark Wood Legs in brick red and cream is the perfect solution.

Bench with Dark Wood Legs

The colors are vibrant but not overly bright, and the tribal-esque pattern is tasteful and eye-catching. We can already see it covered with magazines, your mug full of cafe au lait, and your feet, of course, on a relaxing weekend morning. Yep, this one’s sure to be a keeper.   

Classic with Edge
Similar in shape, but with a more neutral color palette, the Bench with Wood Legs in cream is another one of our absolute must-haves for every home in Lakeview.

Bench With Wood Legs

We suggest this bench for a cozy and inviting entryway. Who wouldn’t want to take a rest on the luxurious kilim fabric top? Flank each side with some neutral throws in a gray or beige tone, or really go for it and try mixing patterns with coordinating (but equally bold) pillows. It’s super on-trend and will definitely be worth the risk.

So, your current furniture in Chicago may not exactly make your place feel like home just yet. No need to fret, though, because adding even the simplest of homey accents will certainly add the cozy feeling you grew to love in your old home. With an eye-catching bench, fun throw pillows, or a cool accessory or two, you can transform your bland and empty space in the blink of an eye (and without totally breaking the bank)! Who says discount furniture in Chicago can't be stylish?