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Chicago Furniture Updates: Get to Know (and Love) the Pouf

Decorate Using a Pouf

If you need a fun and easy design update for your living room, Chicago’s Wrightwood Furniture has just the thing for you… poufs! We’re huge proponents of the pouf here at the Lakeview furniture store, because they’re easy, practical, and just downright fun. Plus, they have so many uses. From a cozy ottoman, to a funky alternative to your everyday coffee table, poufs can be put to use in any way you need. Have we convinced you to stock up yet?

1. Add some flair.
Poufs are pretty much the easiest way to add some serious design flair to your living room. One of our favorites is the Union Jack Cube Ottoman, because it may be neutral, but it certainly makes a statement.

 Union Jack Cube Ottoman

Don’t book a plane ticket just yet, because with this Brit-inspired pouf, you can enjoy tea and crumpets from the comfort of your own home. No British accent needed.  

2. Your new coffee (not-really-a-table) table.
The beauty with poufs is their versatility. Sure you can use them to prop up your feet after a long day, but top your pouf with a sleek tray and it can double as a small coffee table. It will be the perfect size to hold your morning mug and your favorite read.


The Block Printed Indian-style pouf is neutral enough to work in any space, but the cool, earthy patterns will put a unique twist on your typical idea of a coffee table.

3. Kick back anywhere.
So if you’re still not sold on all of the advantages of designing with poufs, their portability is sure to win you over. Of course, you can place an ottoman in front of your favorite lounging chair or living room sofa, but can you carry it easily from one room to the next? There are some days, we admit, that we just don’t want our feet to touch the ground (they’re called lazy Sundays for a reason).


Luckily, the Splatter Paint Blue Ottoman Cube is the perfect size to move with you throughout the house. It’s the epitome of laziness… and we love it!

By now, you should be able to tell how absolutely obsessed we are with poufs… and we’re pretty sure you’re converted too! Wrightwood Furniture in Chicago has plenty of options for your living room, plus, it’s right around the corner from your Lakeview apartment in Chicago! It’s almost as convenient as designing with poufs. Almost.