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Chicago Office Furniture: Love Your Workspace Again

Workspace Furniture

Home office furniture is a necessity in Chicago, a city notorious for its busy-bee workers and non-stop business talk at before-work coffee dates and after-work drinks. Nine-to-five is a foreign concept in Chi-Town where most of us (read: all of us) tend to take our work along when we finally leave the office. This leads to feelings of hostility and resentment towards our home offices, as they remind us of the relaxation we’re not experiencing. But hey, every room deserves some love, so Lakeview’s Wrightwood Furniture store has just the pieces to add a touch of cozy to your office or study and make you WANT to spend your downtime in there. (OK, just let us explain).

Batavia Bookcase, Espresso
What’s more relaxing than a good read? Whether it’s a new bookstore find or a classic favorite from your high school English class, kicking back and flipping through a good book is one of the best ways to unwind and get work off the mind.

Batavia Bookcase

This dark-finished bookcase is tall enough to hold ALL of your paperbacks, hardbacks, and everything in between. Spruce it up with some unique bookends, eye-catching knick-knacks, or interesting book arrangements to make this functional office furniture piece aesthetically pleasing as well.

Upholstered Chair, Silver with Taupe
Now that you have your book, you need a place to read it. No, don’t retreat to the living room couch, because this post is all about feeling the office love.

Upholstered Chair

A super-comfy armchair, like this pretty seat from Wrightwood, will definitely make your office feel like home… not the workplace. Our suggestion? Toss a throw pillow onto the back of the chair ICN (in case of nap).

Jute Ottoman Coffee Table, Multicolor
So the books and comfy chair are warming you up to the idea of hanging out in your office, but you’re still not totally convinced it can be transformed into a retreat.

Jute Ottoman Coffee Table, Multicolor

All you have to do is place a padded ottoman-slash-coffee table — complete with a pretty pattern, of course — in front of the chair, and relaxation will be a guarantee. Footstools are great, but with this large version of the kick-back necessity, there’s enough room for your feet, a cup of coffee, and the stack of books still on your “To Read” list.

If you’re still not convinced that an update to your Chicago home office furniture will make you fall back in love with the space, then we suggest keeping the work in the workplace (as hard that may be). But we promise, these furniture picks from Wrightwood will do just the trick and get rid of that constant feeling of stress in the office. It will be like having a library in your home… a library that just happens to share the same space as your designated work area.