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Chicago Furniture: City Bookcases



Living in a tight city apartment in Chicago — and finding the furniture to fit — can be quaint, charming and cozy… But realistically, when you’re on the hunt for compact, utilitarian, and stylish furniture, shopping can be more of a headache than anything else. Thankfully, Wrightwood furniture store is well-stocked with the perfect furnishings to remedy your decorating woes, especially our favorite piece — the bookcase.

Tall, narrow, and plentiful in storage space, bookcases are the cure-all for small rooms in need of a practical design solution. While adding height and visual interest to your home, they also provide you with a place to showcase your favorite household treasures, knickknacks and accessories. Their decorating perks and benefits don’t end there, though. In addition to their display space, you can also can take advantage of the bookcases’ shelving as a discrete storage option for your blankets, books, or big collection of family photos. The possibilities are truly endless. The only thing missing? Your fine-tuned curating prowess.

Batavia Bookcase, Espresso and Light Mahogany

Available in both espresso and light mahogany finishes, this angular bookcase will introduce a serious touch of classic design to your home. Ideal for any study or library, our Batavia Bookcase will anchor your space with its monumental presence and bold frame. Just add a pop of color to its shelves in order to bring out its rich finish. You’ll be amazed by the ways in which it can transform your interior into a space that’s both stylish and functional. Yeah, it’s possible.


Batavia Bookcase


Exposed Wood and Glass Cabinet, Cream and Medium Brown

A spin on the traditional bookcase, this piece has a rustic charm that will imbue your urban space with the chic aesthetic of a picturesque country house. Done in a distressed cream and medium brown finish, its sharp angles and simple cross paneling merge its traditional style with a trendy minimalism. Tuck away your various trinkets inside its large doors and selectively display your baubles, books, or fine china behind its gorgeous glass windows.


Exposed Glass and Wood Cabinet Cream


Industrial Trolley Bookcase, Antique Brown with Natural Pine Wood

A reproduction of an industrial factory trolley, this heavy duty bookcase is made entirely of natural pine wood shelves and a sturdy cast iron frame. Equipped with movable wheels, you can transition this bookcase between a multitude of spaces, whether it’s your home’s study, living room, or kitchen. Load up its shelves with your household necessities and relish in its amazing functionality and versatility. You’ll also fall in love with its modern style… but that’s a given.


Industrial Trolley Bookcase

Bookcases have officially left the library, because, as you can see, they’re definitely not just for books anymore. Whether you need furniture for your Chicago home that will store all of your odds and ends in style, or you just need more space for your books (it does have that name for a reason), a bookcase from Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview Chicago will do just the trick.