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Chicago Furniture Trends: Keep It Environmentally Friendly

Keep It Environmentally Friendly



If there’s one thing homeowners appreciate about Chicago furniture, it’s that it tends to be Mother Nature friendly. The exciting news? Environmentally sound furniture is totally trendy this year. So you can not only decorate your home with living room furniture that will restore your peace of mind, but ultra-stylishly as well… Cha-ching!

Luckily for all of you stylish Chicago furniture fiends, Wrightwood Furniture in Lakeview Chicago is stocked wall-to-wall with environmentally friendly furniture that not only follows current home decor trends, but sets them. That means no more lusting after the homes featured in magazine editorials that you could only dream of replicating. We’ve curated a collection of stylish pieces, from coffee tables to end tables, that follow some of our favorite furniture trends this year. Ch-ch-ch-check ‘em out!

Statement Tables

This season, Chicago coffee tables, dining room tables, and bedside tables all have something in common… and that one thing is that they have absolutely nothing in common at all. Statement tables are all the rage in 2014 home decor magazines, and the Ria Coffee Table is the piece that will do just the trick in your modern Chicago living space.

Ria Coffee Table

The rounded teak tree root base topped with a circular glass top creates a unique juxtaposition that will have your home in the home The rounded teak tree root base topped with a circular glass top creates a unique juxtaposition that will have your home in the home section of your favorite glossy in no time.   


Small Furniture

Unlike statement tables, Chicago homeowners do in fact have something in common, and it’s a total lack of space in every room in their homes. Open space is a huge home trend this year, and small furnishings, like the Round Branch Teak Stool, will add tons of visual design interest to your home without the clutter.

Round Branch Teak Stool

PLUS, the stool is super unique… so it’s pretty much following all the trends this year. (This is us virtually nudging you — it’s a must-have).

Light Toned Woods

The last furniture trend we’re stoked about at Wrightwood this season is the use of light-toned woods. The natural look of the wood is beautiful, and luckily, light-toned woods can be used to craft pretty much any type of furnishing. The Zamora Console in a whitewashed finish combines stylish light-toned wood with extra storage space that Chicago homeowners always need.

Zamora Console



If you haven’t noticed, not only do all of these pieces fall into other trendy categories, but they’re all also environmentally friendly! It’s trend on trend on trend over here a Wrightwood Furniture. So when you’re looking to update your living room furniture check out our Lakeview furniture location for stylish furniture pieces that are not only on-trend, but will last a lifetime as well. These pieces are guaranteed to never go out of style.