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Chicago Furniture Picks: Wrightwood Factory Shipment

New Factory Collection


As the summer is setting — it’s getting way too dark, way too fast — the furniture in your Chicago home may be starting to feel the wear and tear of the unbearable heat and humidity. What better pre-fall treat for your home than a unique furniture makeover, courtesy of Wrightwood Furniture store’s new Wrightwood Factory shipment? Our staff has picked their favorite unique furniture pieces that will update your worn out home with ease… and when we say “unique,” we seriously mean it. Each pick is truly one-of-a-kind, handcrafted and finished in a beautiful color that will bring some life back into your home.

Rachel’s Pick: Asmara Table, Teal

Perfect for a statement-making entryway, the Asmara Table, in a bright, bold teal color, will liven up even the dullest of spaces. The intricate fretwork makes the piece totally unique, and the table’s slender size is optimal for those of us whose entryway would be better described as a hallway with a door at the end. Top it with a pretty lamp, a stack of reads for decoration, and a scented candle for an extra homey vibe.

Asmara Table Teal


Diane’s Pick: Banjar Chest, Silver

We love this pretty piece as a bedside table in a feminine master bedroom. Situated next to a big, comfy bed — topped with loads of fluffy throw pillows, of course — this table would add some necessary sheen to a neutral space and add a ton of extra storage to your room.  

Banjar Chest, Silver


Doug’s Pick: Batam Accent Table, Ruby Red

Who doesn’t love a good accent color? This bold red table is not only eye-catching because of its hue, but the stylish, bobbin-inspired legs will also add a touch of unique flair to your Chicago living room, bedroom, or entryway. It’s the epitome of classic style, but with a modern twist… and who doesn’t love that, as well?

Batam Accent Table, Ruby Red


Claire’s Pick: Bireuen Library Steps, Snow White

For those of us who like to cuddle with our furry friend at night (or those of us who are vertically challenged), these steps are both a stylish decor addition and an ultra functional necessity. Place these steps next to your trusty bookcase so you can reach the reads stowed away on the top shelf, or place them next to your bed so your four-legged companion can sneak up under the covers without your help. Plus, the piece is gorgeous simply as a decor piece.

Bireuen Library Steps, Snow White


Mike’s Pick: Cimahi Table, Light Mahogany

For those interior decorators who prefer clean, simple, and classic design — ALERT! — this is your new kitchen table or home office desk. With four straight legs, a flat rectangular top, and a classic stained finish, the table is totally versatile and practically begging to be topped with a bright bouquet of fresh florals and your favorite china collection.  

Cimahi Table, Light Mahogany


Eric’s Pick: Javall Valet Stand, Black

For the proper gentleman who likes to sleep in as long as he can before rolling out of bed and into the workplace. The Javall Valet Stand lets him set up all of work day essentials — hang his shirt, fold his pants, and loop his tie — the night before, so that when he finally escapes from under the covers, he can easily slip on his ensemble and head to the office. The only thing missing? A built-in coffee pot.

Javall Valet Stand, Black


Adrienne’s Pick: Sulis Buffet, Laurel Green

Store your china, glasses, and table linens in your dining room without sacrificing style with the Sulis Buffet. In a beautiful neutral green shade, the piece can either be used as a pop of color or as a subtle addition to an otherwise statement-making space. We can also see this as a TV console table, topped with your flat screen and stocked with your DVD collection and those pesky remotes that never seem to be in the right place.

Sulis Buffet Table


Nick’s Pick: Medan Tea Table, Butter Yellow

This piece is the ultimate find for any homeowner who would always rather be a host than a guest. This super unique furniture find would work perfectly in a living room where guests tend to frequent, as the top doubles as a removable tray, perfect for serving drinks or small bites to your partiers. Or, use it as a bedside table in your guest bedroom and serve your guests breakfast in bed. If you’re a really nice host, anyway.

Medan Tea Table, Butter Yellow


There you go… those are just some of our favorites from the Wrightwood Factory shipment, and we may be biased, but if we could each pick all of the pieces, we totally would. Don’t forget to check out the website or stop by our Lakeview furniture store location to check out the pieces in person. We promise they won’t disappoint. Oh, and we also promise you’ll need to come back with a bigger truck to fit all of your new purchases.