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New Chicago Furniture: Industrial Warehouse Shipment

Industrial Collection



To embrace contemporary design, you don’t have to live in a loft in downtown Chicago. Furniture can transform any space and make it totally brand new. So, while you may not think your gorgeous, original crown molding and newly stained wood floors would work with super modern industrial pieces… think again. Wrightwood Furniture has another new shipment in store (cue the applause!), and this one is definitely one of a kind.

Whether you’re looking to update furniture in your living room, kitchen, dining room, home office, entryway, bedroom… (we suggest just giving the whole house a makeover at this point), you’ll find the perfect pieces from the Industrial Warehouse shipment. The furnishings are made from durable materials like iron and reclaimed wood, so they’ll stand the test of time — and so will the design — because while the pieces may be modern, with the right touch, they’ll never go out of style.

Of course, we’d love if you stopped by the Lakeview furniture store and bought the entire shipment, but we suggest simply adding a few industrial pieces to your home for that touch of edge that seems to be necessary these days. Add the Devarda Ladder Bookshelf to your living room or office for some eye-catching coolness — and a place to store and showcase all of your books — or add a pop of color to your outdoor seating area or kids’ play area with the Galvan Iron Wood Stool that comes in LOADS of colors, from light blue, to bright green, to yellow and more.


Devarda Ladder Bookshelf.
Galvan Iron Wood Stool


And don’t forget to pick up a few pieces featuring one of our favorite trends from the Industrial Warehouse shipment… wheels! That’s right, we have all sorts of wheeled pieces in store for you, and how could you not be as excited as we are? We’re huge proponents of incorporating tasteful industrial style into any type of home, but we’re even bigger fans of pieces that combine industrial style with complete functionality. Some of our favorite wheeled furnishings from the shipment are the Tungsten Coffee Table, a rustically chic take on the living room essential that we think would look great placed on a patterned rug, and the Hammond Iron Wood Trolley, which would work perfectly doubling as a kitchen island and a focal piece to wow dinner party guests.

Tungsten Coffee Table
Hammond Iron Wood Trolley

Can you tell we’re excited? It’s mostly because this is a shipment we know you’ll love as well. Why, you ask? Because the Industrial Warehouse pieces are unique, artisan-crafted, and above all, beautiful. Shop the website, or stop by the store to see the pieces in person… but we can’t guarantee that you’ll have enough room in your car to get the pieces home. Maybe we should start selling moving trucks, too? Next time.