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Chicago Furniture Tips: Accessorize to Maximize



When your Chicago furniture feels like it could use a major facelift, the easiest way to update your space is definitely NOT purchasing all new furniture… as much as we may want to (unfortunately). Not only is it totally impractical, but your bank account would probably need a defibrillator as well. Our suggestion is to update small decor items throughout your home to save time, energy, and dreaded trips to the bank. Wrightwood Furniture’s newest Industrial Warehouse shipment is not only wheeling its way into your home in major, statement-making ways (cough, cough — check out last week’s blog post), but the home accessories are also to die for. Cue the shopping spree.

Bernon Iron Basket

For your daily read and morning cup of joe. Tired of the cluttered mess your coffee table becomes after a week’s worth of morning papers? The Sports section always seems to be where the Lifestyle section isn’t… and all the sections seem to be hiding those coasters you need to use to set down your steaming mug of coffee. Enter the Bernon Iron Basket — your new lack-of-sleep hero. When you’ve finished the essential sections of the paper, store them in the basket, so that when you get home from work and need to finish the crossword puzzle, you’ll know exactly where to find it. Now, there’s really no need to be tired of clutter… or really tired at all since you can finally put your coffee table to its intended use. Hint: it’s in the name.

Bemon Iron Basket

Mouette Iron Basket

For a chic storage solution. Whether placed in your entryway or by the back door in the kitchen, this basket will surely add a touch of Parisian charm to your home. Perfect for storing dripping umbrellas on a rainy day, the Mouette will keep your guests’ essentials stored away until it’s time for them to venture back out into the almost-autumn rain. Bonus: you won’t have to mop up all the extra water afterwards. Double bonus: the basket looks super cool even when it’s not being used for its practicality.

Mouette Iron Basket

Juta Vintage Shoes

For some much-needed quirk. Put on your dancing shoes and kick those heels together, because you’re going to do a happy jig when you discover these one-of-a-kind (well, two-of-a-kind) decorations. Perfect for adding some spunk to your dull home office bookshelves, or for kicking up the style notch on your Chicago home’s decorative entryway console table, these wooden shoe forms are an easy, masculine, and sole-ful way to step up your interior design game. OK — we’re done with the shoe puns for now.

Juta Vintage Shoes

Lessons learned: next time you get sick of all the furniture in your Chicago living room, bedroom, entryway, or home office, don’t blame the couch or the coffee table. It’s a design enthusiast’s nature to constantly crave change (often far too often to be practical), so spice up your home with the unique decor and accessories from Lakeview furniture store, Wrightwood Furniture. Your home won’t be disappointed. And neither will you if you just remember — accessorize to maximize (your interior style).