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Chicago Furniture Must-Haves: A Table for Your Coffee


What’s one thing all busy Chicagoans have in common? A love of coffee. And furniture that doesn’t take up too much space in their Chi-Town digs… but that one’s a given. So obviously, we Windy City urbanites also love a great coffee table. And one-of-a-kind coffee tables also happen to be Wrightwood Furniture store’s speciality. Wins all around!

Torrence Wooden Coffee Table

For the traditional designer looking to add a nontraditional twist to their existing living room furniture. With its classic, long rectangular shape, the Torrence coffee table is spacious enough to hold your TV dinner (c’mon, admit it, we all eat them) AND a few decor items to liven up the space. Plus, the curved legs and mix of light and dark-stained rustic woods will add modern flair to your classically decorated living space.

Kilim Graphic Ottoman, Black and Natural

For a cozy solution. We suggest using a softer ottoman as a multi-functional focal piece in your Chicago living room. This Kilim-upholstered ottoman is soft enough to let you lounge on your sofa comfortably, but stylish enough to add a pop of interest to your space. Keep the piece bare so you can easily kick back in front of the TV after a long day at the office, or top the ottoman with a tray so it can work double-duty as coffee table, perfect for showing off the fresh blooms you just picked up from the market.

Clarendon Industrial Coffee Table

For the decorator on edge… or shall we say on the cutting edge? When it comes to interior design, there’s no reason to stick to the traditional, so we say go for the statement-making coffee table. Why not? The Clarendon has a vast amount of surface area, perfect for resting your feet, a bowl of popcorn, and your mug. Plus, the wheels add a cool, modern industrial twist that you won’t see in any other home.

So what’s the lesson to take away from today’s blog post? Chicagoans love their coffee… and anything with the word “coffee” in the name. Whether you’re traditional, cozy, or love to keep up on the latest Chicago furniture trends, this Lakeview furniture store has just the coffee table for your living room. Coffee pot not included. Unfortunately.