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Chicago Furniture Accessories: Starting with the Man in the Mirror



Mirror, mirror on the wall. What’s the best Chicago furniture accessory of all? Mirrors, of course! These must-have decor pieces are great because you get to stare at your gorgeous face all day (we all do it), but in a city where living space can be… let’s just say “limited,” a properly placed mirror can also be just the trick. Mind trick, that is, because when propped or hung in a narrow or tight space, like your entryway or Chicago living room, mirrors can visually expand the space and give you the feel of more wiggle room without busting down a wall. No cleanup needed.

Mera Mirror on the Wall

For a thoroughly modern makeover. The Mera Mirror comes in two finishes, mahogany and natural, and with a clean and simple wooden frame, it’s perfect for the minimalist designer. So whether propped against an entryway table, flanked by a couple of candles, a freshly picked bouquet, and a few of your favorite silver-framed photos, or used as your partner in crime prepping for the day in your Chicago bedroom, this mirror will always look classically elegant.  

Mera Mirror


Decorate with the Ornate

Would you rather make an unforgettable statement with your entryway, bedroom, or Chicago living room furniture? The Ruji Mirror — available in neutral tones like walnut and black, or bolder varieties from ruby red to sunset gold — is for the decorator with exquisite taste who isn’t afraid of ornate design. The hand-stained finish with a slightly distressed feel and intricate carvings add to the vintage-y cool feel of the Ruji that will have your guests staring at the mirror — not themselves — when they walk through the door.

Ruji Mirror
If you’re starting with the man in the mirror, you really need to start with the mirror itself. Chicago furniture accessories need to be both stylish and functional, because (as we’ve mentioned time and time again), it’s always a race for space in this city. When you’re on the hunt for a unique furniture store in Lakeview Chicago, always keep Wrightwood at the top of your list. We know about design AND functionality… and of course, we understand the seemingly eternal lack of wiggle room in Chi-Town. So while Justin Timberlake is singing about his mirror staring back at him, you’ll be singing along at the top of your lungs, because you’ve finally scored a stylish home accessory with purpose.