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Unique Chicago Furniture: An Office Desk Tailor-made to You

UNique Office Furniture


More and more these days, it seems that Chicago furniture is becoming designed for form rather than function. We all want our home to look like it was pulled straight from a showroom, but then, we’re stuck with uncomfortable furniture that probably costs more than it should. Insert frustrated grunt here.

The last thing a home office should be is uncomfortable, because who does their best work with a backache and cluttered desk? Whether that means you need less desk space to inevitably cover with empty coffee mugs and chewed pencils, or you need a desk with no surface space at all (you’ll see what we mean), Wrightwood furniture store in Lakeview Chicago has the desk that will both clear the clutter and your mind. Oh, and look really cool too. Now get to work!

Less Room = Less Clutter

Sometimes it feels like there’s nowhere to set your laptop, given that the entirety of your desk is covered in crumpled pieces of paper, a collection of half-full mugs, and the rogue children’s toy. An easy solution? Give yourself enough space for a desktop monitor or your trusty laptop, a notebook, and a cup of coffee (this is as necessary as the computer in our minds), and then clutter will be impossible. The Deska Console Table/Desk not only looks beautiful — we love the reclaimed wood top and accordian-style base — but the narrow desktop allows just enough room for the necessities. Plus, it gives you more space in the office to roll around in your chair when your brain needs a break. You don’t do that? OK, never mind.  

Deska Console Table

More Drawers = More Work Space

Maybe you have a bit of clutter on your desk, but you can’t commit to a complete overhaul. How about some drawers then? The Inconel Framework Desk is sleek, stylish, studded, and soon to be stuffed with all of your notepads and pens. There’s not only enough room on the tabletop for your computer, desk accessories, and a few decor items to spruce it up, but there’s also enough built-in storage space for your more unsightly office must-haves (think: sticky notes and dried-up pens). Or, you could just throw them away. Just a suggestion.

Inconel Framework Desk


No Flat Surface = No Distractions

Would you be able to completely let go of your computer? No Internet connection would definitely lower the number of distractions throughout the day, but that’s just unrealistic. The Sullivan Architect’s Desk is probably more appropriate for a creative mind who doesn’t work from home, but uses their unique office space as a way to unwind after a long day. So whether you’re an architect who actually draws at your work desk, or you’re a painter in your downtime, a vertical desk may be just the piece you’ve been needing.


Sullivan Architect's Desk


Now that your mind (and office) are completely clutter-free — or as close as possible — it’s time to start thinking about living room furniture, coffee tables, and console tables… Or just take some time to enjoy your new space. When the time comes though, remember to check out Chicago furniture store, Wrightwood Furniture in Lakeview, for pieces that are just as unique as the desks you just scored.