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Chicago Furniture Accessories: Warm It Up With Wood Accents

Wood Accessories


Wood you like to update your Chicago home furniture in style? (How about that pun?). Accessories crafted from beautiful, reclaimed wood are all the rage here at Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview Chicago, because they take even the simplest of rooms and transform them from ordinary to extraordinary. Plus, they’re all affordable. No need to completely renovate a space when you’re feeling a bit blasé about the design.

For the Peanut Gallery

Whether used for snacks or style, the Peanut Bowl needs to be incorporated into your existing Chicago living room furniture. Hand-carved from a single solid piece of teak wood, each bowl is unique and definitely one of a kind. Use it as a decorative piece on your bookshelves, a bowl to hold pretty knick knacks on the coffee table, or as a snack holder for the peanut gallery watching the movie.  

Peanut Bowl

For a Sweet Scent

We love adding flowers to every room in our Chicago homes, from the entryway, to the living room, to each bedroom and back. It’s just such an easy way to bring fresh life into a stale space. Of course, finding the perfect bouquet is the easy part. But finding a vase for the florals that fits with the design scheme of your home? Now that can be a difficult design debacle. The Teak Lily Flower Planter — fashioned from the stump and roots of a teak tree — features and eye-catching curved shape that may steal the show when combined with some fresh florals.

Teak Lilly Flower Planter

For a Whale of a Time

If you don’t like to cook, time in the kitchen can be pretty miserable to put it lightly. That’s where fun kitchen utensils come in. While your lasagna may be burnt and after-dinner cookie a bit too salty (at least you didn’t mistake baking soda for flour this time), you won’t be able to help but smile when you’re chopping veggies on the Teak Cutting Board Whale. We think it will convert even the most die-hard believers in the power of a takeout diet. Even if you don’t use it to cook (re: takeout devotees), this little guy will add a pop of fun to your underused Chicago kitchen… Or another room if you’d rather avoid the cookery altogether.

Teak Cutting Board Whale

What’s that? Oh, you’ve already ordered all three? Yeah, we thought so. If there’s one thing Wrightwood is known for, it’s having the most unique furniture in Chicago, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you went home with even more than just beautiful, wooden home accessories. We certainly woodn’t blame you. (See what we did there… again)?