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Chicago Furniture Ideas: Decorate Your Mantel

Decorate Your Mantle


We’ve been helping you choose your Chicago furniture, decorate your nooks and crannies, and make every room in your home feel like, well, home! The only space that still needs a little love? Your mantel. It’s Autumn now, so there are about to be a lot more nights cuddled around the fire in your future. The fire is going to be super cozy, but wouldn’t you rather snuggle up around a well-decorated mantel and hearth? We thought so.

Lakeview furniture store, Wrightwood Furniture, has the decor and home accessories to spruce up your mantel and complete your living room. Although, is anyone really ever finished decorating?

Start with the wall.

The key to decorating a fireplace mantel is layering. Your living room isn’t one-dimensional, so the decor shouldn’t be either. The best way to tackle the mantle is to start from the back and move your way forward. The Mera Mirror would be the perfect starting piece. Simple, clean, and elegant, it won’t distract from the objects placed in front of it or come off as cluttered. Plus it will make your space look bigger. And who can argue with that?

The Mera Mirror


Now it’s time to add the visual interest. The Andriot Iron Basket is the perfect base piece off of which to build the rest of your decor. When filled with a couple of candles and a blooming vase of your favorite flowers, the juxtaposition of the rustic basket with the delicate and romantic accents will surely draw eyes to your newly redecorated mantel.

Andriot Metal Basket

Jazz it up.  

Almost done, you just need a finishing touch. Books are great decorating pieces for your chicago living room furniture, office space, or really anywhere else in the house. Why? Because you already own them. We suggest stacking a few of your favorite reads (and maybe some of the prettier ones) and topping them with a statement piece like the Juta Vintage Shoes from Wrightwood Furniture. The wooden shoes add to the rustic vibe of the basket and give a little more intrigue to your everyday stack of books.

Juta Vintage Shoes

There you go. Your Chicago furniture redecorating project should be just about complete by now. Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview has shelves upon shelves stocked with one-of-a-kind home decor items to layer on your mantel. Our only tip is not to go overboard. Clutter is no one’s best friend. Simple, clean, and eye-catching design, on the other hand, can definitely sit with us. Or at the very least, it’s welcome in our homes.