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Chicago Furniture & Accessories: The Throw Pillow

Throw Pillow Design


Throw pillows are to couches as air is to humans. Meaning: They’re necessary additions to your Chicago furniture. Just try to imagine a neutral couch without a bright pop of color or pattern. What a snooze… Well, not really, because what would you rest your head on?

The only problem is that, when you find the perfect throw pillow, hard-core decorators tend to fall pretty hard. Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview has a ton of different colors and patterns from which to choose, so our suggestion is to pick your pillow first and design the rest of the room later.

Bright and Bold

When you fall in love with a pillow like the Starburst Pillow, there’s no going back. To design a room around a fun and eye-catching pillow, typically neutrals are the way to go. An over-designed room is a big no no, not only because of the visual clutter and confusion, but also because it’s not as inviting as a well-designed neutral space with a couple of statement pieces sprinkled throughout.

Starburst Pillow

Nice and Neutral

If you’ve gotten a head start and have already begun to design your Chicago living room furniture setup, the Leafy Coal and Green Crewel Pattern Pillow is a good option. You prefer your statement piece to be in a frame or on the floor under the coffee table, but the last thing you want is for your couches to look bare. This throw pillow is subtle enough to not steal the spotlight, but the mossy green accent pattern adds enough visual interest to keep your sofa from looking too “blah” in comparison with the rest of the beautifully decorated space.

Leafy Coal and Green Crewel Pattern Pillow

Stars and Stripes

Sure the Cubs didn’t make it very far this season (sigh), but the Bears are doing pretty well, and we’ll always have our Hawks. Plus, it’s not like Chi-Town pride ever goes out of season. Again, the Chicago Flag Lumbar Pillow would work perfectly in a more neutral space, so as to show off your Chicago love without the over-the-top decorations he’s been collecting for years and begging you to hang on the walls. This pillow should keep him satisfied.

Chicago Flag Lumbar Pillow 

Last but not least. Decorators who already have throw pillows on their couches—couldn’t you use one or two (or three) more? We’re sure your Chicago bedroom furniture could use some, too. And your entryway. And home office. Need we go on?