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Chicago Furniture How To: Starting a Redesign Project

Redesign Your Home


Choosing the furniture for your Chicago home redesign project may seem difficult, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s probably the easiest—and most fun—step in the redecorating process. The most stressful part of a redesign tends to be the actual planning and preparation. Just like exercise, spring cleaning, or getting out of bed, the hardest part is simply getting started.

The experts at Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview, Chicago—that’s us—know a thing or two about major redesign overhauls. After all, we are total design junkies. It’s important to remember, though, that a lot of thought needs to go behind every purchase you make for the space—from the size of the tables to the pattern of the area rug. There’s a certain science behind designing a functional and stylish room, and we’re not here to toot our own horns… but you could say we have a PhD (perfect home design?) in the subject.   

Tip #1: Research and Plan

We believe that the most integral step in any redesign project is measuring. That’s right, taking out the tape measure, getting on your hands and knees and measuring every part of the space. It may seem tedious and unnecessary, but the size of a room dictates what unique furniture will and will not work in the space.

If your space is small (this is Chicago) for example, pieces in a neutral tones and light colors will help to expand the space. Thus, the room will have the illusion of looking larger, and you can then introduce your design personality to the space with bold decor and accessories. And if you’re on the other side (i.e. you have a ton of space to play with) you’ll know that you can afford to take more risks. Go for the bold patterned rug to enhance your living room furniture. You can opt for colorful furniture to show your personality, but remember not to overdo it with the accessories.  


Tip #2: Know the Function

Another important step in the redesign process is knowing how you plan to use your space. Are you an entertainer? Do you want to offer your frequent guests a lot of seating at the dining room table, or is your entertaining more of the interactive, moving around chitchatting variety? You must know the function of a room before choosing the unique furniture to put in it. The last thing you want is to host a cocktail party with a huge elephant in the room. Or should we say a huge couch?    

Tip #3: Choose a Statement Piece

Now that everything is theoretically planned out (in your head, at least) the fun begins… it’s time to start shopping at Wrightwood Furniture store. If you’re stuck in a style rut, we suggest choosing one piece that you l-o-v-e. The type of love that you just can’t live without. From there, make a vision board—tear images out of magazines that utilize and highlight a unique piece like your own, or pick up a few color swatches from your local hardware store to see which shades give your room the design edge. Once you have that one piece, we promise, the rest of the room will seem to fall into place. (No one needs to know all of the blood, sweat, tears, and paint-stained clothing actually went into the tedious process. Ugh).


Of course, if you stop by the store to choose a piece, and you still can’t seem to visualize the finished, complete space, we’re more than happy to help. Wrightwood Furniture is our name, and helping you find the wRIGHTwood furniture for your new Chicago living room, bedroom, or dining room is our game.