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Chicago Furniture How To: Designing a Functional Kitchen

Kitchen Design


When you’re designing your dream kitchen in your Chicago home, furniture may seem like the most essential step in the process… after all, it’s the most fun, right? While custom cabinetry with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops probably come to mind, function needs to be seriously taken into consideration when designing the kitchen of your dreams.

A pretty kitchen may look nice in the pages of home magazines and impressive when your friends come over for dinner parties, but when it get’s down to the nitty gritty (cough, cough—the actual food preparation), function is far more important than fashion. Luckily, with the help of Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview, you can have the best of both worlds… and it all starts with the kitchen island. The holy grail of all functional kitchens.

The Galley Kitchen

When you live in a long and lean place (typical Chicago), you most likely have a galley-style kitchen: two walls of cabinets and counterspace. And because some—or most—of this prep space is taken over by the sink, your fridge, the oven, and all of your kiddos’ toys, you’re probably in desperate need of more workspace. The Bridgeport Iron Wooden Table is going to be your lifesaver. Situate this table at the open end of your galley kitchen, and think of it as a peninsula, rather than an island. It not only gives you extra food prep space and storage (we love the deep drawers), but when you’re done cooking up a storm, the table can act as a bar—perfect for gobbling up the tasty eats you just prepared.

Bridgeport Iron and Wood Table

Wide Open Spaces

Now if you’re living in the ‘burbs (or you somehow managed to score a spacious kitchen in the city), your biggest kitchen furniture issue is probably not storage, but functionality and ease. When you’re going from the sink, to the oven, to the fridge and back—the famous kitchen work triangle—moving around a stationary kitchen island can be quite the pain… literally, don’t try to cut those corners. Enter your dream island (on wheels, no less). The Solder Trolley gives you extra work space when you’re prepping a meal for the whole fam and a place for friends to congregate and chat while they help you chop the veggies. But if your fridge is all the way on the other side of the kitchen, you can easily wheel the trolley out of your way. Pull it back into place after all the cooking is done and, voila, your Chicago kitchen furniture is back to its magazine-spread beauty. Well, after some major cleanup.

The Solder Trolley

Wrightwood Furniture store Chicago is all about balancing style and function, and you’re all about balancing ease with impressive design. Looks like we’re on the same page, doesn’t it? Hopefully these tips come in handy when you’re searching for your new kitchen furniture, and when it comes time to renovate the rest of the pad, we’ll surely have answers to those questions as well. Talk about functionality.