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Chicago Furniture Updates: All About That Bath


Of course, when we say “stylish Chicago furniture,” surely the first thing that comes to mind is not your bathroom. Bathrooms can be pretty blasé when it comes to design—a lot of white porcelain—but with the right accessories, powder rooms and bathrooms can certainly show off your unique flair for interior style.  

Unique home accessories are Chicago furniture store Wrightwood Furniture’s specialty, and while baskets and bins make great accent pieces in your living room, kitchen, or home office, have you ever thought to put them in the bathroom? Probably not. But since you can’t really go crazy with the bathroom necessities—no one likes a patterned toilet—you need to punch it up with the decor.

The Waste Basket

Usually the bathroom trashcan is stored out of sight (and out of mind) under the sink or in some sort of cabinet. Any available hiding space, really. You’ll want to show off the Logan Dustbin or the Mouette Iron Basket, though. We love the look of the bright red Logan Dustbin in a classic black and white bathroom (hello pop of color!) and the French-inspired Mouette basket in a more neutral powder room for a bit of chic visual interest. Bidet, not included.




The Magazine Rack  

Another must-have for your Chicago bathroom accessories—the magazine rack. Sure you need the paper and a few glossies in the bathroom for the obvious reason (ahem), but it’s also nice to keep them in there as a courtesy to guests. You know, if they (or you… especially you) need to escape from a dinner party for a few minutes. We mean, there’s only so much you can say about reality TV until you need a new topic. The Bernon and Andriot Iron Baskets have a rustic, industrial look that will amp up the style factor of your bathroom, surely, but they’re also functional. Keep the Bernon basket next to the bath to keep your favorite magazines or books in handy when you’re relaxing in the bath, and place the Andriot basket on the countertop to hold hand towels, a candle, and other guest accommodations (“borrowed” hotel soaps, for examples) for visitors. 




Bathrooms aren’t necessarily inviting spaces that call your name after a long day—unlike the living room couch or your big comfy bed—but with the right accessories, at least you can dress it up a little bit to fit with the unique furniture and design style of the rest of your Chicago home. And the best thing about home accessories: you can always just make them coffee table centerpieces or corner accoutrements. You can never really go wrong with those.