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Chicago Furniture: Some of Our Favorites


Imagine our excitement when we get a new shipment of Chicago furniture and every piece is just as unique and beautiful as we remembered. Not hard to imagine? We didn’t think so, because it’s not hard to believe that the new living room, dining room, and entryway decor at Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview, Chicago lives up to our impossible and impeccable standards.

Please note: This is just a list of some of our favorites. If we listed them all, this would be the longest blog post in history. To the list!

Chicago Flag Trunk

You know how we love our Chicago flag swag around here, so is it any surprise that this attention-getter tops our list? You can show off your Chi-Town pride to out of towners without going overboard, which is perfect now that you’ll be inviting all of your friends over for the Hawks games. Yes, even the traitors. Don’t you want to rub the inevitable win in their faces (and make them insanely jealous of your taste in furniture)?   

Alnico ABC Sideboard

Add a touch of quirkiness to your rustic space with this super unique piece. Whether used to display various odds and ends or as a standalone home accessory, it’s sure to make a statement… even if the letters don’t actually spell anything. Warning: There’s only one in our Chicago furniture store. Go, go, go!

Janice Rossi Iron Basket Self

For magazines in the living room, or bits and baubles—keys, wallet, sunglasses… you know the drill—by the door in your Chicago entryway, this tall, stylish shelf will have your home more organized in no time. Our tip: Buy more than one.

Again, the list is short, but that’s because we like to save space (more room for furniture, of course). But stop by our Wrightwood Furniture store Lakeview location to check out all the rest of our favorites. We promise, they won’t be hard to spot. Just look in any direction.