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Chicago Furniture: Organizing Your Desk for Optimal and Comfortable Work


Working from home. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well… not when you don’t have the appropriate Chicago furniture or desktop arrangement. It’s impossible to get work done in dim lighting (will inevitably lead to a snooze fest) with a sore back and a scattered brain because you can’t find your favorite pen. Oh, the struggle.

Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview, Chicago, knows all about storage, function, and organization. But what do we know on an even greater level? Style. No one wants to work in an unappealing work space because it’s—as the adjective suggests—just not appealing. Here are our tips for putting together an office space to optimize your efficiency and your unique furniture style and design taste.

The desk.

Your desk of choice for your Chicago home office space is one of the most important furniture decisions to make. Do you want to go ultra-modern with clean lines? Or do you desperately need those drawers on the more traditional desk to hide all of the office supplies you thought you needed but just add clutter? If you’re in the second boat, opt for the Indo Colonial Desk for a beautiful piece that also comes with three drawers worth of storage space. Get the clutter out of sight and out of mind, and you’ll be able to get to work in no time.

The chair.

When it comes to staying comfortable at your desk, the chair is vital. Most importantly—the height of the chair. When you’re typing on your keyboard, always remember to keep your wrists straight. No one prefers writing urgent messages on paper to be delivered in three days to email, but we don’t know anyone that prefers carpal tunnel either. Choose a seat that keep you at the appropriate level with your keyboard, like the Organa Chair. Luckily, it happens to work perfectly with your new desk. Who woulda thunk?  


The pillow.

Now, it’s no surprise that you want your home office to fit seamlessly with the impeccable interior design of the rest of your home. After all, it’s not an office building… it’s your home. Consequently, you probably don’t want an unattractive roller chair with an adjustable seat and clunky design. The easiest solution to keep you from slouching—and for added lumbar support (crucial) is to add a pillow, like the Chevron Pillow. It adds style, a pop of pattern, and extra lumbar support for optimal comfort. Say it with us: Ahhhhh.

The light.  

Lighting is also very important when it comes to staring at a computer screen for hours on end. It’s never a good idea to strain your eyes while looking at a bright screen in the dark. It not only hurts, but it does some damage, too. So put on those glasses, please, and add light to the room with the Talley Iron Table Lamp.



Did you have any doubt that this unique Chicago furniture store would have the best pieces for your home office? We didn’t either. Happy shopping and happy typing! (If the latter is even possible).