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Chicago Furniture How To: Add a Pop of Color to Your Living Room


Walking into your everyday Chicago furniture store can be… underwhelming. Cream, gray, beige, and everything else in between (the 49 other shades of gray)—the typical living room furniture color palette tends to be more neutral than the Swiss. Of course, going overboard with color isn’t the best idea either. So what’s a home decorator to do? Try starting with one statement accent piece in your favorite color, then design around the side table or bookshelf to ensure that no two pieces clash with each other. We love eye-catching accent pieces at Wrightwood Furniture in Lakeview, so much so that if you say “Wrightwood Furniture Store” with an accent, it would probably sound like “pop of color.”  

The bold.

Go for the Alam Table in a beautiful teal shade. The best thing about teal is that it can work with almost every other color. So no matter what color furniture you may have before you begin shopping for your bold new accent piece, teal is always a safe—yet still statement-making—and stylish choice.


The brave.

Go for the Lattice Ottoman in purple and pink. Talk about wow. Whether used as a coffee table or kept to its original function as an ottoman in your Chicago living room, this piece will surely catch a few eyes. We suggest erring on the side of neutral for the rest of your living room, though, because this piece combines two bright colors that don’t say “style” as much as they scream it.


The beginning-to-be-less-shy.

Go for the Charahara Bookcase with teal accents. Yes, more teal. We know you love it. This piece is ideal for Chicago homeowners who are looking to add color to their living room in a subtle and fashionable fashion. The hint of teal combined with the intricate carvings create that modernized rustic look we’re all after. Adding this bookcase to your space is also a great way to slowly introduce color into your living room. You can either begin to add more teal pieces, or find accessories in coordinating shades to mix things up a bit… tons of options with this one.   



If you still find that you’re a bit too shy to add bright colors to your living room furniture, start with throw pillows. They’re affordable and can be easily switched out or thrown into another room in the house. And if you need help coordinating pillows that are stylishly mixed yet still matched, stop by our Lakeview store and we’ll give you a hand. Or rather, an eye.