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Chicago Furniture: Coffee Tables For All Functions


Whether you buy for style, function, size, or gut instinct, Chicago furniture can always fulfill your desire. When it comes to the big pieces—like couches and dining room tables—there really is only one function (and a necessary function at that). You buy a sofa to sit on in the living room, and a table to eat at with the family. But when you’re shopping at Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview, coffee tables are much more versatile in terms of both use and style. That’s why they’re so fun, and why we have so many in store.


If you’re looking for a coffee table simply because you need a place to set your coffee or to serve as a place to display your favorite decor, opt for a simple, sleek design to work as a backdrop, like the Bubbe Coffee Table. Combining clean lines with a plantation-grown mahogany tabletop, the table is the perfect mix of effortless style on your part, and practical functionality on the part of the table.


Coffee tables are also a super easy way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral living room. The Samar Opium Coffee Table comes in a variety of shades, including teal (one of our faves), so no matter what vibe you’re going for in your living room—boho, sleek, or cozy—you can easily bring some life into the space.


Making a statement in your living room really can be as easy as just adding a patterned coffee table to your space. The Stonewashed Blue Dhurrie Cocktail Ottoman can be used as an ottoman, sure (that’s what it is, after all), but why not think outside the box… or table? If you top it with a large tray, it can just as easily serve as a coffee table, perfect for displaying a fresh vase of flowers and candles, or resting your steaming morning mug of tea. Plus, it’s just really pretty, right?  


If you’re looking for a creative way to fill some empty space in the center of your living room, go for a super unique coffee table, like the Clarendon Industrial Coffee Table that swaps out your boring, everyday coffee table legs for some seriously statement-making wheels. There’s no need to be traditional when it comes to Chicago furniture accessories, so we dare you take a risk with this one.

Of course, choosing an edgy coffee table that goes beyond the four legs is certainly a risk—it’s the first thing your guests will lay their eyes on when entering your Chicago living room. But Wrightwood Furniture store lives by the motto “why not?”. So, you tell us.