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Chicago Furniture Tips: How To Use A Sideboard


When it comes to scoring unique furniture in Chicago, you know Wrightwood Furniture in Lakeview is the place to go. One problem we always run into is falling in love with a piece, and then having no idea what to do with it. Sure, you may fall madly in love with that rustic coffee table, but let’s face it, you already own the perfect coffee table for your space. But when it comes to sideboards, you really can’t ever have enough (they can be used for pretty much anything. At  the moment, we’re totally obsessed with the ABC Alnico Sideboard and it’s probably not hard to guess why. Who else do you know with such a unique piece featured in their home decor design? Rhetorical question.

For the couch potato.

Use it as a TV stand. We all have those days where we’d rather rot on the sofa than do absolutely anything else… and for most of us, it’s probably more days than we’d like to admit. Plus, televisions are pretty much standard in every Chicago living room these days, no matter how disruptive to your interior design aesthetic they may be. That’s why using the ABC Sideboard as a TV console is your best bet. It may even distract your eye away from the glowing screen.

For the collector.

Use it as a showcase. Of course, the ABC Sideboard itself is unique enough to stand on its own, but if you have a collection of china, or candles (or anything really), setting them atop this piece will be a delicate balance to its rustic feel. We suggest adding a lamp or leaning a piece of art against the wall to add a bit of height to the display.

For the entertainer.

Use it as a bar. If your Chicago pad is the place to be (meaning you host all of the get-togethers), it’s always wise to have some sort of makeshift bar on hand. The ABC Sideboard is the perfect height for a seated bar where your friends can sit and catch up over a drink while your friends that are always late—you know the ones—are still arriving. The Vittum Iron Leather Stool and the Kelvyn Iron Tractor Stool are both great options to keep with masculine feel of your bar.



Have we convinced you to snatch up the ABC Alnico Sideboard before it’s too late? We weren’t kidding when we said it was one of a kind…