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Chicago Furniture: Christmas Gifts for All Types of Decorators


Holiday season is officially upon us, and for the Chicago furniture obsessed, that means a lot of gifts to help give your home a winter update. Of course, all home decorators have their own sense of interior style, so when it comes to picking out a gift at Wrightwood Furniture, going for a crowd-pleasing, unique decor item is always the way to go. Here are a few of our favorites for easy gift-giving, especially when you pulled the design lover’s name out of the Secret Santa hat.

Chi-Town Love

Seeing as how we’re all in Chicago, and Wrightwood is a Chicago furniture store, we’re sure anyone on your gift list would love throw pillows with a Chicago flag design. Whether you go with the Chicago Flag Pillow or the Chicago Flag Lumbar Pillow (or both), we’re sure they’ll find their way to the couch as soon as they’re unwrapped.


Fashion Lover

If the one you’re buying for this year has clothes on the mind all the time, we suggest gifting him or her the Javall Valet Stand. Picking out clothes for someone is always a seriously risky task—what if you choose the wrong size or they no longer associate themselves with Christmas sweaters? With a valet stand, they can display their favorite wardrobe pieces or plan out their stylish outfit in advance.

Obsessed Organizer

You know the one, with a place for everything and everything in its place. The Stripped Basket gives a rustic, handmade vibe to their space, and gives them another place to put their things… maybe blankets, or kids toys, or the things that actually don’t have a place (impossible). Plus, they’re neutral and will go with any sort of home decor aesthetic. And who doesn’t love a good basket?

There you go, a tiny part of our gift guide for the holiday season. Stay tuned for more… we know you have a lot of gifts to give this year.