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Chicago Furniture How To: Prep Your Guest Room For The Holidays

It’s the holiday season (holiday season), which means family from all around the country is flying into town and the Chicago furniture in your guest room is need of an update so that your guests feel welcome and just as comfortable as they would at their own home. We’re not suggesting that you completely transform the room into a hotel suite—we completely understand that the room probably had multiple functions (home office, storage room, escape from the chaos)—but adding a few pieces of unique furniture from Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview to the lonely bed and office desk would certainly add a bit of warmth to the space. Just try not to make it too comfortable… The guests can’t stay forever, no matter how much you may miss them.  

For You & Them

If your guests are staying for a while (like, longer than the weekend), they’ll probably want a place to store their clothes and not have to live out of a suitcase for the week. The Leia Sideboard—we love it in the slate blue color—has roomy storage for their clothes and for all of your unnecessary objects during the rest of the year. Plus, the top surface is the perfect size for a television, a tray of toiletries, and a welcoming vase of flowers. Still not a hotel, though.


Mostly For Them

Right now, you may have only a bed (you know, the one who had in college) and your home office desk situated in the guest bedroom. No one really goes in there anyway… Well, until all of your holiday guests start to pour through the door. An easy way to give the space a homey, welcoming update is flank each side of the bed with a bedside table. The Tidore Side Table has visual interest (good for you and your design aesthetic), but it also has a drawer where they can store their nighttime essentials and a surface area large enough for a bedside lamp and a place to set their nighttime reads or the paper and a cup of coffee in the morning.  


Just For Them

For their bits and baubles, they will be attending holiday parties, after all. Whether she needs a place to keep all of her jewelry organized for the week, or he needs a way to keep track of where he left his wallet and keys, the Wallis Handle Bowl will do the trick. Plus, once they’ve left, you now have an extra stylish desk accessory. So maybe it’s not just for them.

Now all you have left to acquire is the rest of their holiday gifts, extra food, extra patience, and extra love (awwwe). We would say “Tis the season for redecoration,” but Wrightwood Furniture is a firm believer in the notion that every season is the season for a home update. And when it’s as simple as adding a few stylish accessories or unique furniture, how could anyone resist?