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4 Things to Consider with Selecting a Chicago Furniture Store

Considering shopping for your next furniture piece at a Chicago furniture store? Since there are so many stores to pick from, it can be difficult to decide which store is right for you. Here are 4 things that make Wrightwood Furniture store stand out from the competition.

1. Less markup means affordable furniture!

A markup is the margin between the cost price (for the store) and the selling price (what you pay) of a product. It is basically the percent indicator of the amount of profit the store makes on the sale of a product. Almost all industries put a markup on their products. So products you normally buy such as your favorite makeup, the imported banana you just ate, or the pair of designer shoes you’re wearing all had markups on them, which earned your distributors, suppliers and retailers a handsome amount of cash without you having the slightest idea about it. And most furniture stores are no exception! But Wrightwood Furniture is the exception. We don’t cut out those extra layers of markup any of our products because we purchase them straight from the factory. And we even have our own factory, which even furthers the savings. Don’t spend more than you need to on quality furniture!

2. On-site carpenter to customize furniture

Did you ever see a side table that you wished was a slightly less wide? Or a bureau that you wished was a little shorter? Well at Wrightwood, our on-staff carpenter can make these wishes come true! Our carpenter can make basic modifications to most of the furniture we keep in stock. So if you want a simple change to a piece you like to make it a piece you love, you can do that here!

3. Huge furniture showroom

How huge is our showroom? It’s 10,000 square feet! That’s bigger than your average baseball diamond. And we’ve got almost every inch stocked with our giant selection of unique, handcrafted furniture. Whether you’re looking for home workspace furniture, a blue chest of drawers, or an industrial coffee table, you’ll be able to find everything you want here.

4. Furniture pick up and delivery

Whether you like to shop online or in store, getting your furniture to your house couldn’t be easier with Wrightwood Furniture. If you want to pick up your purchase, we have a free 15-minute loading dock at our Lakeview furniture store that you can use to bring your goodies home. Or if you’d like your new furniture delivered, we do that too! Our “White Glove” service means your furniture will be wrapped in furniture blankets, delivered fully assembled in the room you choose, and no packing materials left behind. If you live within 45 miles of our store, this option is ideal! 

Our store is also easy to get to on foot, by car or via public transit from many Chicago neighborhoods.

So no matter where you choose to shop for furniture in Chicago, be sure to check out all the services they have to offer. And know that if you do stop by Wrightwood Furniture, we’ll make sure you have the best furniture shopping experience you’ve ever had!