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3 Ways Chicago Furniture Stores Can Give You Your Dream Apartment

Chicago Furniture Store Apartment Decor

When you’re living here it’s easy to forget that Chicago is the nation’s third largest city. Especially when you’re living in one of Chicago’s 200+ neighborhoods — each one has its own unique residents, shops and styles. But no matter which neighborhood you live in, it’s easy to decorate your apartment in a style that is inherently Chicagoan. Especially when you shop at Wrightwood Furniture Store. No matter what your taste is, you’ll be able to decorate your Chicago home the way you want to with help from Chicago furniture store Wrightwood Furniture. Check out some of our favorite pieces and decorating tips below for some inspiration for your dream Chicago apartment.

DIY Vanity

Dressing tables and vanities have a long history dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Extremely popular in the Victorian era, vanity sets are perfect for being able to have a seat while you primp in the morning. Over the last few years, vanities are starting to make a comeback. One of the main reasons is for lack of bathroom space, which is a common issue in Chicago.

A vanity table gets all of your makeup, brushes, and nail polish out of the bathroom so you gain much more storage space for bathroom essentials. And one of the biggest advantages is that you never end up “hogging” the bathroom from your roommates or your significant other while you primp in the morning. The only downside is that traditional vanity tables can be pricey. But with a little help from Wrightwood, you can have your own on of a kind vanity for less! Simply pick out one of our numerous console tables and combine them with a mirror and a bench or stool

Multifunctional Tables

If you have an office or a dining room in Chicago consider yourself lucky. Most of us have to think of creative ways to combine our horizontal surfaces so they can function for many purposes. If you don’t have a room to use as an office, a common solution is to put a desk into your living room. However, sometimes that can become a little cramped and distracting if your housemate is trying to watch TV while you work from home.

One great alternative is to combine your dining and office space. While this may seem unconventional at first, it can make sense for a lot of people. Most of us will only use our six seat dining room set every once and a while, so it’s fine to set up your “desk” on one end of it. And when you do have guests, simple move your monitor to a buffet or console table and turn on a fireplace screensaver during dinner.

Eclectic Look of Your Own

Chicago apartments come with their own sets of challenges that need to be met. A lack of space, staggered updates and varying materials can make the bones of our homes look odd or disjointed. But don’t fret! If you embrace the eclectic nature of your Chicago apartment with help from Wrightwood Furniture, you’re bound to have your dream home in no time!