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3 Ways an Industrial Furniture Store Can Give Your Home a Decidedly Chicago Look

Think industrial furniture is just for commercial spaces? Think again! Especially here in Chicago, industrial pieces can be combined with all styles of furniture for a uniquely urban feel. Especially if you live in an industrial loft in Printer’s Row or an exposed-brick apartment in Edgewater.

Just add one industrial side table for a great conversation piece. Or pick up an industrial console table, shelves, and TV stand for an edgy take on a traditional living room. Just because it’s industrial doesn’t mean it will feel cold or commercial! Check out some of our favorite industrial furniture pieces below for some ideas for your Chicago home!

Industrial Distressed Consoles

What can’t these handy tables be? Versatility is the name of our console tables. The smaller sized consoles are perfect fit for any room in your house. In the kitchen, use it for extra “counter” space and keep oversized pots on the bottom shelf. In your dining room, use it as a buffet to lay out your spread during your next dinner party.

In the living room, use a console as a sofa table or keep your TV on it! And in your bedroom, pair one with a mirror and you’ll have a one of a kind vanity! There’s nothing these tables can’t be!

For a truly industrial furniture look, keep an eye out for metal, rustic wood and large, bold bolts and other hardware. These will echo the look and feel found in those converted warehouse lofts that Chicagoans love so much.

Industrial Cabinets and Storage Units

Just because something is small doesn’t mean it isn’t tough. That’s the case with many of our cabinets. Perfect for any space where you need some storage and a little bit style, our cabinets can be your go-to option. If you need a side table for your living room, cabinets also make a great industrial option!

Consider lipped sides and backs as great protectors from spilling drinks or knocking coasters into the crevice between the side table and the wall. Also cabinets often have enclosed storage that are great for storing things such as books and board games! If you’re in need of a nightstand, cabinets often make a great option. Most have enough room to place a small lamp, alarm clock and a coaster on top with some room to spare. And you can keep scarves, belts and other accessories in the lower storage areas.

Wrightwood carries a variety of cabinets made with industrial metal and wood materials that are a great way to add extra storage to tight Chicago living spaces but also add the look and feel of the lockers, storage units and racks found in industrial spaces.

Industrial Trollies

Trollies are another way to bring an industrial look to your home — and they're some of the most flexible pieces of industrial furniture out there!

Trollies come in a variety of sizes, including ones that are perfect for squeezing into tight Chicago homes. And, since they are on wheels, they can be easily moved to different parts of your apartment or house as your needs change. Most of Wrightwood's trollies also come with ample storage space in a variety of configurations, including bins, drawers or cabinets — all of which are great options for storing all your stuff.

Those wheels also give these gorgeous pieces a decidedly industrial feel — since wheels are reminiscent of the gears found on heavy machinery or the mobile carts and equipment used to transport industrial supplies around old world Chicago factories or warehouses. 

These flexible furniture pieces can come in handy in many, many situations. Add one to the kitchen to give yourself extra prep space. If you have room, a trolly can float in the middle of the kitchen to create an instant island. Or, consider trollies to hold your TV in the living room or bedroom — especially if you sometimes need to move your TV to get a better view (Super Bowl parties, anyone?). Trollies also look great when used as sideboards, consoles or sofa tables.