Chicago Furniture Trends: The Color of the Season

  It’s about time to match your fashionable wardrobe to your Chicago furniture. Chicago is a city all about style — whether it’s fashion, furniture, or just overall flair — and this week, we’re talking all about home furnishing trends. In the fashion world, summer brought a flock of stylish dressers decked out in the color of the season — dusty orange. Perhaps you’re not as welcoming to the color orange draped on your body (i.e. varying skin tones and hair colors). But no need to fear! You can still totally rock the trendy tone, because your home is certainly not as picky as its owner.   Wrightwood Furniture’s brand new Wrightwood Factory shipment has the furniture finds for your living...


Chicago Furniture Trends: Keep It Environmentally Friendly

    If there’s one thing homeowners appreciate about Chicago furniture, it’s that it tends to be Mother Nature friendly. The exciting news? Environmentally sound furniture is totally trendy this year. So you can not only decorate your home with living room furniture that will restore your peace of mind, but ultra-stylishly as well… Cha-ching! Luckily for all of you stylish Chicago furniture fiends, Wrightwood Furniture in Lakeview Chicago is stocked wall-to-wall with environmentally friendly furniture that not only follows current home decor trends, but sets them. That means no more lusting after the homes featured in magazine editorials that you could only dream of replicating. We’ve curated a collection of stylish pieces, from coffee tables to end tables, that...


Chicago Coffee Tables 101: Not Just a Cup Holder

Sure, there’s a reason they’re called coffee tables. In Chicago (or wherever you live), there’s nothing greater than waking up on a Saturday morning, making—or buying, ahem—a cup of joe and relaxing on the sofa as you flip through your favorite magazine or paper. But that big table situated right next to the sofa is so much more than a surface to stack your glossies or resting place for your morning mug. They may be super functional, but coffee tables have also become essential design elements to add that stylish final touch to your living room.While they may just seem like four legs and a slab of wood to some, we design junkies know that coffee tables are so much...


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