Finding Unique Industrial Furniture for Your Chicago Home or Apartment

Here at Wrightwood Furniture, we crave all things, well crafted, trendy and unique. And our Industrial Warehouse furniture shipment is all of those loves in one collection. By combining the aesthetic of classic industrial furnishings with the rustic allure of natural wood, this industrial furniture shipment just for Wrightwood Furniture exudes functionality and fine craftsmanship. Created by local Indian craftsmen, all of these original industrial-inspired pieces provide endless possibilities for adding a ton of visual interest in your house or apartment. These industrial furniture pieces are made from exceptionally durable materials. Many of these pieces will remind you of the sturdy fixtures of a warehouse or a shipping yard. For other pieces in this collection, their industrial charm is balanced...


Why Supporting Your Local Chicago Furniture Store is Important

Does where you buy your furniture really matter? It absolutely does! By buying furniture from Wrightwood Furniture, your local Chicago furniture store, you’re supporting a small business. And that has a lot of benefits for you! Check out some of them below. Reduce environmental impact Since we’re closer to your neighborhood and our Chicago Lakeview furniture store isn't big box store, we didn’t need to set up shop on the edge of town which contributes to sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution. Also, all of our furniture is environmentally friendly. We go out of our way to use reclaimed and recycled materials in as many of our products as possible. Get better service and supporting local jobs Since we’re a local...


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