Chicago Furniture Accessories: Starting with the Man in the Mirror

  Mirror, mirror on the wall. What’s the best Chicago furniture accessory of all? Mirrors, of course! These must-have decor pieces are great because you get to stare at your gorgeous face all day (we all do it), but in a city where living space can be… let’s just say “limited,” a properly placed mirror can also be just the trick. Mind trick, that is, because when propped or hung in a narrow or tight space, like your entryway or Chicago living room, mirrors can visually expand the space and give you the feel of more wiggle room without busting down a wall. No cleanup needed. Mera Mirror on the Wall For a thoroughly modern makeover. The Mera Mirror comes...


Chicago Furniture Tips: Accessorize to Maximize

  When your Chicago furniture feels like it could use a major facelift, the easiest way to update your space is definitely NOT purchasing all new furniture… as much as we may want to (unfortunately). Not only is it totally impractical, but your bank account would probably need a defibrillator as well. Our suggestion is to update small decor items throughout your home to save time, energy, and dreaded trips to the bank. Wrightwood Furniture’s newest Industrial Warehouse shipment is not only wheeling its way into your home in major, statement-making ways (cough, cough — check out last week’s blog post), but the home accessories are also to die for. Cue the shopping spree. Bernon Iron Basket For your daily...


Teak Wood Furniture: Chicago Style

  As all homeowners know, it can be hard (read: impossible) to find the perfect furniture store. Chicago homes tend to be on the older side, so for most of us Chicagoans, this makes the hunt for the perfect pieces to match our spaces even more difficult. The modern furniture trend just doesn’t work for some of us with rustic hardwood floors and intricate moldings. Enter Wrightwood Furniture’s teak collection: beautiful, handcrafted furnishings and décor items that reflect the traditional style of your Chicago home, but with a modern twist to make them totally one-of-a-kind… just like your space. Quinn Bench, Natural Wax Older homes have small closets and quaint bedrooms (to put it nicely). Unfortunately, this just doesn’t fit...


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