Chicago Furniture Tips: Design to Dine

  Finding furniture for your Chicago dining room can be a pain… literally. Not only do you want your table and chairs to be stylish and statement-making, but they need to be comfortable, as well, especially if your dinner party guests plan on staying for dessert, drink, and second dessert. And why wouldn’t they? We hear you’re almost as good of a chef as you are a decorator. First thing’s first—all good dining rooms start with the perfect table. We suggest erring on the side of choosing a smaller table, because as all Second City residents know, Chicago kitchens and dining rooms aren’t exactly conducive to large furniture. Unless, of course, you enjoy crawling under the table just to get...


Chicago Furniture & Accessories: The Throw Pillow

  Throw pillows are to couches as air is to humans. Meaning: They’re necessary additions to your Chicago furniture. Just try to imagine a neutral couch without a bright pop of color or pattern. What a snooze… Well, not really, because what would you rest your head on? The only problem is that, when you find the perfect throw pillow, hard-core decorators tend to fall pretty hard. Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview has a ton of different colors and patterns from which to choose, so our suggestion is to pick your pillow first and design the rest of the room later. Bright and Bold When you fall in love with a pillow like the Starburst Pillow, there’s no going back....


Chicago Furniture Ideas: Decorate Your Mantel

  We’ve been helping you choose your Chicago furniture, decorate your nooks and crannies, and make every room in your home feel like, well, home! The only space that still needs a little love? Your mantel. It’s Autumn now, so there are about to be a lot more nights cuddled around the fire in your future. The fire is going to be super cozy, but wouldn’t you rather snuggle up around a well-decorated mantel and hearth? We thought so. Lakeview furniture store, Wrightwood Furniture, has the decor and home accessories to spruce up your mantel and complete your living room. Although, is anyone really ever finished decorating? Start with the wall. The key to decorating a fireplace mantel is layering....


Chicago Furniture How To: Decorating Difficult Spaces

  Nooks, corners, and oddly-shaped rooms that leave you wondering who thought it would be a good idea to put a wall there. We all have them, and we all have trouble—nightmares, actually—decorating them. When you’re shopping for Chicago furniture, make sure to stop by Wrightwood Furniture in Lakeview for the most unique furnishings to fill all of the difficult spaces. We’ll take the pressure off of you, so stop worrying. There’s no space too difficult for the Wrightwood treatment. Nooks and Crannies You know those random corners in your living room or home office with nothing but a few empty shelves to their names? Why not make it into a cozy reading nook? Fill the shelves with all of...


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