Unique Chicago Furniture: An Office Desk Tailor-made to You

  More and more these days, it seems that Chicago furniture is becoming designed for form rather than function. We all want our home to look like it was pulled straight from a showroom, but then, we’re stuck with uncomfortable furniture that probably costs more than it should. Insert frustrated grunt here. The last thing a home office should be is uncomfortable, because who does their best work with a backache and cluttered desk? Whether that means you need less desk space to inevitably cover with empty coffee mugs and chewed pencils, or you need a desk with no surface space at all (you’ll see what we mean), Wrightwood furniture store in Lakeview Chicago has the desk that will both clear...


Chicago Furniture: We’re Feelin’ French

  It’s about time the furniture in your Chicago home got a French makeover. Croissants, macarons, and intimate cafés aren’t the only quintessential French items getting the American treatment these days… your home is also getting infused with some Parisian flair. Wrightwood Furniture’s Handpainted French shipment has all of the pieces to transform any room in your home, so pull out the berets and baguettes and get ready for très chic home makeover. French Secretary Desk, Taupe We all do better work when we’re feeling our best, right? Sitting at this ultra-chic desk, you’ll want to stay put and work until you can’t work anymore. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration… but it will definitely step up the style of your...


Chicago Office Furniture: Spruce Up Your “Self” Space

A home office is a sacred space in Chicago, and finding furniture for your place of business can be quite the task. It can’t be too comfortable, because you would never get any of your work done. But at the same time, who wants a barren, cold workspace? The key to a great home office is finding a balance between the two: a comfortable space that will let your creativity flow, but a professional and studious feel that will help you get all of your work done in style.Wrightwood Furniture in Lakeview Chicago has all of your home office needs and wants, from bookcases to suit your signature style, to sophisticated desks, to fun accessories to bring life into a...


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