Unique Chicago Furniture: An Office Desk Tailor-made to You

  More and more these days, it seems that Chicago furniture is becoming designed for form rather than function. We all want our home to look like it was pulled straight from a showroom, but then, we’re stuck with uncomfortable furniture that probably costs more than it should. Insert frustrated grunt here. The last thing a home office should be is uncomfortable, because who does their best work with a backache and cluttered desk? Whether that means you need less desk space to inevitably cover with empty coffee mugs and chewed pencils, or you need a desk with no surface space at all (you’ll see what we mean), Wrightwood furniture store in Lakeview Chicago has the desk that will both clear...


Chicago Furniture Trends: The Color of the Season

  It’s about time to match your fashionable wardrobe to your Chicago furniture. Chicago is a city all about style — whether it’s fashion, furniture, or just overall flair — and this week, we’re talking all about home furnishing trends. In the fashion world, summer brought a flock of stylish dressers decked out in the color of the season — dusty orange. Perhaps you’re not as welcoming to the color orange draped on your body (i.e. varying skin tones and hair colors). But no need to fear! You can still totally rock the trendy tone, because your home is certainly not as picky as its owner.   Wrightwood Furniture’s brand new Wrightwood Factory shipment has the furniture finds for your living...


Chicago Furniture: City Bookcases

  Living in a tight city apartment in Chicago — and finding the furniture to fit — can be quaint, charming and cozy… But realistically, when you’re on the hunt for compact, utilitarian, and stylish furniture, shopping can be more of a headache than anything else. Thankfully, Wrightwood furniture store is well-stocked with the perfect furnishings to remedy your decorating woes, especially our favorite piece — the bookcase. Tall, narrow, and plentiful in storage space, bookcases are the cure-all for small rooms in need of a practical design solution. While adding height and visual interest to your home, they also provide you with a place to showcase your favorite household treasures, knickknacks and accessories. Their decorating perks and benefits don’t...


Chicago Office Furniture: Love Your Workspace Again

Home office furniture is a necessity in Chicago, a city notorious for its busy-bee workers and non-stop business talk at before-work coffee dates and after-work drinks. Nine-to-five is a foreign concept in Chi-Town where most of us (read: all of us) tend to take our work along when we finally leave the office. This leads to feelings of hostility and resentment towards our home offices, as they remind us of the relaxation we’re not experiencing. But hey, every room deserves some love, so Lakeview’s Wrightwood Furniture store has just the pieces to add a touch of cozy to your office or study and make you WANT to spend your downtime in there. (OK, just let us explain).Batavia Bookcase, Espresso What’s...


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