Chicago Furniture: TV Consoles for Any Type of Lounger

  We all do it. After a long day at work, it just feels so good to kick back in our Chicago furniture and flip on the TV to watch some mindless reality shows or the latest series you’ve been binge-watching. All homeowners use their TVs for different reasons, but the one thing they have in common? They have a TV (kind of a necessity these days). Whether you’re looking for extra living room storage in you TV console, or you prefer a clean, well-designed piece of furniture, Wrightwood Furniture store in Lakeview definitely has what you’re looking for. And we bet it’s both stylish and functional. And we’re never wrong.   For the movie lover. If you’re the type...


Chicago Furniture Tips: Make the Most of Your Bedroom Storage

  Bedrooms can be small, and Chicago furniture can be large. Too large. Way too large. Like all that can fit in your room is your bed. No dresser, no desk, no room to open your closet door. That’s why you need to learn to make the most of your bedroom furniture. We all need clothes, after all. No shirt, no shoes, no room to store your shirts or shoes. Wrightwood Furniture has your back, as you well know by now. And because we’re Lakeview’s resident furniture lovers, you also know that we advocate for more dressers, tables, chairs, and decor in all spaces—but especially in bedrooms. We’ve selected three of our favorite storage pieces that would work in your...


Chicago Furniture How To: Organizing Your Closet

  When it comes to space and furniture in Chicago, well, the two don’t really “jive.” If you’re one of the lucky ones who does have a walk-in closet in your Chi-Town bedroom, then you must really love the fact that you don’t have to do the monthly clothing purge / hanger haul the rest of us have to endure. Wrightwood Furniture store in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago has organizational furniture for both the decorator with a walk-in and the one with no closet at all. Trust us, we know the struggle. These bedroom furniture pieces are functional and stylish — what isn’t at Wrightwood? — and have a ton of storage space for all of the clothing, shoes,...


Chicago Bedroom Conundrum: More Storage Please!

No matter how big (or small, sigh) your Chicago bedroom may be, furniture just seems to completely take over the space. Your closet will never be big enough, and your drawers never deep enough, and there are only two possible solutions.1. Throw away everything you don’t use. (As if).2. Add more storage. (Which means more furniture, unfortunately).Ok, so your inner hoarder simply won’t let you completely give up all of your belongings, so if you’re going to add more furniture to the space, it might as well look good. These storage chests from Wrightwood come in all sizes, perfect for any of your storage needs. Plus, they’re pretty stylish if you ask us.French Chest with HutchStill looking for more storage...


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