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We chose this industrial furniture supplier because of they produce furniture with a truly original, gritty feel. From storage pieces that model furniture shipping containers to jointless iron tables and chairs, this industrial furniture is edgy and dare we say a little on the eccentric side. For this shipment we selected pieces made out of ultra-durable materials like iron and mango wood to give you the feel of a warehouse or shipping yard.

All of the pieces are sustainably made and shipped with a minimal carbon footprint. The mango wood used comes from sustainable plantations rather than rainforest trees. We ship each item in groups and eliminate large amounts of the packaging so you can shop guilt-free.  

Many of the pieces from our industrial furniture maker feature handpainted lettering or distressed finishes to highlight their blue collar nature while still creating a chic statement. Some of the pieces feature hand welding and riveting and their workmanship truly comes through. We worked with this factory to find truly original pieces and so we only ordered 1 or 2 items of each piece. Start browsing today to find that truly unique Industrial furniture accent.

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