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Raj Artisanship

Raj Artisanship

Raj Artisanship

One of our most luxurious collections has arrived in the Wrightwood Furniture Chicago store and we are excited to start selling the Raj Artisan collection to our great Chicago area customers. We chose the name “Raj Artisan” for these products because a lot of the items combine Indian and English furniture styles. Raj gets its roots from both Hindi and Sanskrit and means dominion or rule. We thought the name was fitting because a lot of the items in this collection have a royal, luxurious, and one-of-a-kind quality.

The factory we sought out for this collection is located in Jodhpur, India. The area is known for its furniture production and its quality hand-crafted products. The factory has been passed down from generation to generation and we love the family-owned business. The factory is especially known for their diversity of handiwork and furniture styles. We selected items from both their woodworking and metalworking specialists, because we loved the sleek, one-of-a-kind quality. Many of the products use reclaimed items like reclaimed Indian house doors or reclaimed Indian metal.

The Raj Artisanship collection features a variety of stand-out-pieces that we think people will absolutely love. A couple of pieces, like the rows of theater seats, are truly vintage and would make great additions to the homes of the history lovers out there. Other stand out items include sideboards with elaborate engravings, cabinets with Indian metal doors, and gorgeous wood boxes with national flags painted on. The collection has both Indian and European style pieces as well as both Industrial and traditional furniture items. Bring in luxurious Indian artifacts and style through one of our most luxurious product collections. Shop Wrightwood Furniture’s Raj Artisanships furniture collection now!

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