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Recycled Aluminum Tables

Recycled Aluminum Tables

Recycled Aluminum Tables

We are working with this factory because they produce elegant furniture that is made with sustainability in mind. All of the aluminum used in these creative designs comes from recycled sources. We traveled to the Indian city of Moradabad.  Called the "City of Brass", it is home to some of India’s best jewelry and metalwork. Today over 1,500 small workshops hand forge metal items in Moradabad but Wrightwood wanted to find one of the best eco-friendly options. We  chose a factory that works exclusively in 2nd hand aluminum. They collect used aluminum and then melt, recast, and polish the items into new creative pieces.

Each piece is highly durable. They can be mixed and matched throughout the house and can even make great aluminum outdoor furniture. Aluminum won’t rust so that’s what makes it perfect for outside or rooms that tend to have high humidity.

Each piece is hand polished by factory workers. The process normally takes several hours, but the shine on each piece is worth it. Each piece has its own style, whether its sexy curves, sharp edges or elaborate circular design. The pieces mix and match different decorative designs. Some of the pieces feature a more contemporary Western aesthetic while others incorporate Hindu or Islamic motifs.

One of our favorites pieces from this factory is an elaborate round table with a unique Islamic pattern. Islamic artists of the middle ages developed these spectacular motifs and the top of the table borrows directly from that tradition. The open fretwork top and base take hours for skilled artisans to polish. The piece is just one of the truly creative items that come out of Moradabad. We only buy one or two of each of them so we think you will cherish these recycled aluminum items as much as we do!

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