The Wrightwood Story

Hello. Welcome to Wrightwood Furniture. So glad you’re here. 

We’re Doug & Mike, the father-son founders of Wrightwood. We’ve been working in the furniture industry for pretty much our entire lives. We used to be in the wholesale business, but now we’re designing, sourcing, and buying unique furniture from around the world and selling it directly to you. 

The big chains used to be our clients. Now they’re our competitors. And we’ve learned a few things about them over the years. For example, the big chains don’t charge high prices because they want lots of money. Or at least that’s not the only reason.


They do it because they are inefficient. Furniture is different from other stuff we buy. It’s big. It’s bulky. Handling furniture is expensive. We saw our clients driving our modern furniture in circles. Storing it in warehouses. Picking it up and driving it again. These companies are essentially furniture chauffeurs. And chauffeurs are expensive. Like 30-50 percent of the cost of product expensive.

So we’re doing something different with Wrightwood. We ship direct to our store. Without middlemen (learn more about our approach in this blog post).

We ship from our favorite factories directly to our store in Chicago, and that alone brings down prices by 40 percent. That’s good for you. It’s also good for the environment. Our eco friendly furniture is responsibly sourced so you can feel good about the sustainable furniture you purchase from us.

And unlike the big, inefficient retailers, we find some really cool, eco friendly furniture. No mass-produced, assembly required, only available in brown junk. We’re talking fun colors. Industrial and rustic furniture. One-of-a-kind designs. Expert craftsmanship. Distinctive finishes. It’s modern furniture that speaks to us. It might speak to you, too.

Find what you love, and you can order it online.

We’ll deliver it to your home, to the room of your choice (as long as you live in Chicago or the suburbs). Or you can stop by our store and pick it up. But hurry, because we only have one. 

We like to keep things simple. But you probably already figured that out.

Thanks again for stopping by Wrightwood Furniture Co.

— Doug & Mike

Stop in and see us sometime.

3036 N.Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60657 - [773] 687 9210

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