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If we asked you where you spend most of your time, and you answered “my bedroom,” you are in the majority. No one likes to leave their bed for any unnecessary reason, so it’s important to keep your Chicago bedroom furniture as comfortable as possible (so that you never have a reason, get it?). Contemporary bedroom furniture necessities include a bedside table or nightstand—one for each side of the bed—a bench for the foot of the bed, a chest of drawers or dresser, and of course, throw pillows for optimal comfort. Wrightwood Furniture is proud to offer Chicagoland residents a wide array of bedroom pieces. From solid wood bedroom furniture to more modern bedroom furniture designs, Wrightwood has it all! 

You’ll enjoy a bedside table from our Lakeview furniture store for just about every reason under the sun. You need a place to set the lamp, a place to put your book when you begin to doze off, and a place to rest your morning cup of coffee as you run around the room getting ready because your alarm failed to go off… again. As for the bedroom bench, it not only adds extra style to your modern bedroom furniture set, but you’ll also find that it comes quite in handy when you need a place to sit to slip on your shoes, or a place to set your decorative throw pillows when it’s time to turn down the sheets. 

Not all homeowners are fans of having a TV in the bedroom, but if you are, you’ll need a TV stand, chest or dresser to put in on. Plus, even if you’re team No Television, an armoire, bureau or chest of drawers is the perfect piece of contemporary bedroom furniture if you need a place to rest a mirror, or to show off your favorite jewelry or a few picture frames. 

For the final addition, be sure to add plenty of throw pillows. They add a little extra pop of style to your modern bedroom furniture design, and they’ll certainly be appreciated when nap time rolls around and you roll into bed.

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